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  1. Reef Discussion
    Please post pics of you favorite coral with what type of camera/ lighting and any filters or camera app. I'm on the fence about buying a digital SLR vs sticking with my iPhone
  2. Photography
    Getting good pictures under LEDs remains a challenge for me. Getting the correct color balance is a struggle, and then detail can be hit or miss. Despite a good camera... Nikon D5100 with a fixed macro lens... I just don't get the results I'd expect. So I got an early production pre-release of...
  3. Selling Forums
    Hi Gyus, I have (4) 24" Photon ReefBreeders LED Lights. (3) have 90 degree optics and (1) seams to have 120 degree optics even though it was purchased as 90. They all were used for roughly 1 year over my 320 Gallon reef at very low intensity and run time. Also you must know, that not all have...
  4. Photography
    First off wondering what camera lens combo you use and like not necessarily for corals but in general? Roger
  5. Photography
    This is my first attempt with lightroom 5. This is a Jpeg from a $200 nikon point and shoot. So my options were limited. My Nikon D5100 and Tamron 90mm macro lense should be here soon so this will hopefully improve from here. Any experts on here I can tap into their knowledge?
  6. Selling Forums
    Reefers, T5 related stuff is 3 yrs old. For shipping pm me your zip code for quote. 1. Two workhorse 5 ballast - $40 2. 10 end water proof end caps - $55 3. 5 SLR high quality reflectors - $50 4. Two ATI blubs , One ATI white , One aquascience 22k , One Giesemann actinic+ - All 5 for $50...
  7. Want to Buy
    I need 4 single lamp reflectors (w/ clips) for a 54w T5HO retrofit. I'd prefer Sunlight Supply (Tek), ATI, or IceCap, probably in that order. I don't really need ballasts or endcaps, unless they'd be fairly inexpensive.
1-7 of 8 Results