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  1. Reef Discussion
    I recently took a trip to the San Diego/Carlsbad, CA area to visit family and had the opportunity to explore local marine life. The eastern Pacific along the California coast is pretty cold (50-60F if memory serves) so I was curious as to what kind of critters I'd find. I managed to convince my...
  2. Reef Discussion
    In the Rochester area... Does anyone know if any LFS sell velvet sea slugs? Trying to avoid paying $$$$ for next day air shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Other Invertebrates
    Can someone help identify this guy that I found in my refugium? Should he stay or should he go now?
  4. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Anyone try to resolve water drain noise with pipe insulation or boxing it in? It's also a peev of mine..... I can't imagine the drain EVER possibly having a full slug of water in it....
  5. New to the Hobby
    There seems to cobwebs growing on my sand and crushed coral bottom wondering should Ijust vacuum it up or is it some kinda good for my tank. I know Ishould get rid of the crushed coral I've been doing it slowly. Wanna get a daggonet gobie should Ileave half of crushed coral in there for coipods...
  6. Want to Buy
    I have some hair algae cropping up and I would like to get some proven hair algae eaters to take care of it. I know I know...I will also do more water changes! Let me know what you have. I have a 30 gallon tank btw.
  7. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    This is a general question...not an issue post. When a basement return pump is shut down, during water changes (or) for maintenance, just how much air ends up pumping back to the DT after the pump is restarted? It seems like the plumbing would hold quite a bit of air...right? Do people shut...
  8. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Have a slug slugging around my tank have seen it a few times and this morning it looked like it was shooting poo but he did it for 5mins might of been eggs. My coral beuaty and blenny were eating it as it was coming out.
  9. New to the Hobby
    I just started my 30 gallon tall tank a little over a week ago. I bought it used with dry rock and "live sand (coral)" that had actually been dry for about a week but was still sort of damp in the container. I bought a scoup of live sand and a couple small pieces of live rock to get things...
  10. Reef Discussion
    here a link to national geographic. Pictures: 25 New Reef Fish Found
  11. Selling Forums
    Byropsis Eating Sea Slug plus Crabs and Snails Hi, I have too large of a clean up crew. So I am selling them for cheap. Emerald Crabs $6 Astraea and Nerite Snails 2 for $3 Dwarf Cerith Snails 5 for $2 Blue Leg Hermits 2 for $3 Lettuce Sea Slug to a good home $15 (Will destroy Bryopsis) He has...
1-11 of 13 Results