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    Hello I am trying to minimize tank size so i am selling less than 1 year old tank. Included 66 gallon tank, and Rustic grey stand 36" Tall, and 3 bulk heads and all of pvc pipe and also original sump as well. Everythings are good condition and there is just little rust inside of the stand...
  2. Want to Buy
    Lmk what you have for sale with minimal to no scratches. SE Michigan. Just the tank; I already have everything else. Would consider a 75 also. Thanks
  3. Selling Forums
    Whats up all! Back in the SPS game. Below are some frags healed and ready to go! I can Ship in Michigan for $25 and Regionally for $35. Thanks! CZ Crimson $35 Sold Sold CZ Red October $75 CZ Pink Table $40 UC Shortcake $40 RC Poison Envy $90 process of coloring back up Harrys Purple...
  4. Selling Forums
    Sold -------- 130 Rimless Tank with Starfire Glass Front and side glass is Starfire glass. $350 (reduced) Dimentions: 48x30x21 Drilled with 2 overflows
  5. Selling Forums
    $100 FOR JBJ 28gal NANOCUBE HQI COMPLETE WITH A STAND I USED FOR IT THAT HAS 2 DRAWERS!! NEED OUT OF BASEMENT ASAP!! JBJ NanoCube HQI with a 2 drawer stand I used with it. Tank includes both stock return pumps and media basket along with 150w Metal Halide hood with Ballast. $100. I also have...
  6. Selling Forums
    $1,000 Aquarium and stand today (7/26/17) only! Super steal! Aquarium $1,800 everything else is sold Selling Large Aquarium 30 deep x 96 wide x 30 high made by Custom Aquariums with black silicon. Starfire low iron glass on front and both sides. Retails for over $3000 without overflow...
  7. Reef Discussion
    I just got a quote for a new tank. These are a couple of comments that came with the quote. "In a rimless design 48x24x24 we use 3/4" glass A standard aquarium will not stand up to the stresses of a reef" Seems odd they would use 3/4" glass on a 48" tank. Discuss.
  8. Want to Buy
    Looking for a 90 gal long with starfire glass front and sides. Drilled or at least not tempered. Hopefully not too far from monroe
  9. Selling Forums
    Oceanic 156 Gallon tank free to whoever wants to get it out of my basement. Dimensions: 60x24x25 The trim adds 1/2" to front and sides Front and sides are starfire glass Stand not included Front glass needs replacement. I am not in a position to be able to take this on right now and I...
  10. Want to Buy
    Soon I'm going to be in the market for a new aquarium now that I'm moved in to the new house and we are settled in... I'm looking for a 200 or larger glass aquarium complete set up pumps skimmer all of it now if I need to buy lights or the skimmer that's fine but just looking to get as much in...
  11. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a 30" x 30" x 16" cube. I'd be interested in a 30" square footprint with depths up to 24" but would prefer no deeper than 20". Please let me know if you have anything that fits the bill. I would prefer rimless although that's not a requirement. I would also prefer starfire or...
  12. Selling Forums
    tank, stand, sump and return pump setup- the ultimate in shallow reefs 48x24x16 starfire front and side with euro bracing all the way around. Dual corner overflows with 1.5" bulk heads in both. Sump is 40x20x16 also starfire glass from the looks of it and has 3 compartments with 2 baffles...
  13. Selling Forums
    Great Lakes Rimless tank 72x24x22 Starfire front panel. $500.00 obo 60'' 8 bulb ATI Power Module bulbs are 4 months old. $800.oo obo Lg yellow Tang $35.00 Lg Kole Tang $35.00 4 inch Hippo Tang $50.00
  14. Selling Forums
    Still have some stuff left from when I broke down my tank last summer - 195 GLA starfire $500 with black poplar stand! Built in overflow! - bulk reef supply 5 stage rodi unit with new filters still in packaging $100 - 24" 4 bulb tek t5 fixture w new bulbs $100 - drilled 24" x 24" frag tank...
  15. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Quick question for the community out there. I recently had a side seal come apart on an old 90 gal tank. Luckily it was slow and I was able to save all the livestock with minimal damage to the house. I have a 180gal that I'm thinking of setting back up but it's been dry for 2 years now. The...
1-15 of 16 Results