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  1. Water Chemistry
    Hello! Are you looking for fish tank chemicals or fish tank cleaning supplies that will enhance the fish tank treatment? Let's make your inhabitants much healthier and get them rid of cloudy fish tank water just in few capsules of BESEDER fish tank water cleaner. Biological preparation BESEDER...
  2. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    The Buckeye Reef Coral Expo & Swap will be on March 21, 2020. Buckeye Reef Expo is the fastest growing event in Ohio and now in its 5th year. The event is hosted by Buckeye Reef Club at the beautiful Holiday Inn & Suites in Perrysburg, OH. Preparations are in process to lineup speakers...
  3. Selling Forums
    ALL SOLD. Thank you Michigan reefers family. I still have the black AI Prime HD (and 12 inch flex arm if interested) and will be posting it on the other forums as well. Please reach out if interested in LED. Thanks
  4. Selling Forums
    I'm exiting the hobby and have many of my pieces of equipment available for sale. All are in good condition, showing signs of use that would be expected from years of use. The aquarium is solid and has had zero leaks or issues. I prefer to sell it all as a package. What I have is the...
  5. Selling Forums
    End of the line for the hobby (at least for a while) for Grundfeld. The following are for sale. I prefer that it all go in one transaction. 125G Aquarium Cherry stand original cherry lid extra heavy duty cherry top 100# of (very) live rock 2 voracious (and large) damsels Tunze Filter Tunze...
  6. Selling Forums
    45 gallon rimless jbj tank with stand Less then a year old Comes with media basket, Refugium basket, spinstream nozzles, viper 3.0 return pump Was set up at office but just couldn’t maintain it $500 obo
  7. Selling Forums
    Selling a JBJ 45 gallon rimless tank with stand and extras includes (2) Jebao SW-4 wavermakers Chaetomax refugium light Media basket Refugium basket Viper 3.0 return pump 800 GPH toms aqua light pump Spinstream nozzles I will also throw in Clam kit, BRS Biopellets, Screen mesh top, Po4 test kit...
  8. New to the Hobby
    After being out of the reef hobby for 8 yrs, i am looking to get back in but with a smaller footprint. 45 gallon JBJ rimless Tunze 630 gph return pump spin stream return nozzles 50lbs dry rock 40 lbs of agra live reef sand cobalt aquatics 200 w heater Ocean revive arctic t247 lighting i am...
  9. Trading Forums
    I've got an extra Kessil A350W. Looking for a Tunze 6150 (stream 3). Very similar values so thinking a straight up trade is appropriate. Let me know if you're interested.
  10. Trading Forums
    I've got a barely used Jebao RW-15 powerhead that has been tucked in a drawer since I downgraded my system (only weeks after buying the larger powerhead). I'm now in need of a much smaller powerhead for my 22 gallon zero edge. If anybody has an extra Jebao RW-4 or PP-4 they would like to trade...
  11. Selling Forums
    works good newer impeller only issue is cable is cracked by pump $50 obo or possible trade for other equipment no live stock
  12. Reef Discussion
    So someone please tell me there's a way I can run my Rodi Unit here. It is well water. So I'm thinking I can try to plumb into it somewhere before it hits the copper piping. Kinda panicking here. Haha. I love my tank.
  13. Selling Forums
    Hey everyone... cleaning out the basement..... Southdown Caribbean Sand -- I have 7 @ 50 Pound bags. $20/bag 65 Pounds of dry rock (fuji,tonga) . $150 SOLD AquaC EV-180 Protein Skimmer - $175 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6100 -- I have 2 of these - new in box have never been used. The driver has...
  14. Selling Forums
    I need to get out of the hobby for a bit and focus on other things that need more attention I have the following for sale (2) AI prime LEDs with tank mounts black LED black mount purchased in April of this year from bulk reef supply these are in perfect condition never ran over 25% $320 for...
  15. Selling Forums
    I just bought these items from a fellow reefer, and already upgraded to a 20g, so no need for this now... Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue Light with Gooseneck Mount - $200 IM Fusion 10 Tank with Stand, Spin Stream, stock pump, stock basket, and some freebies - $125
  16. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a 60 gallon reef tank I'm thinking about adding a pair of jebao wavemakers what is your experiences good or bad with them? Or what would you suggest for a wavemaker other than a jebao if you dislike those? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Selling Forums
    CASH OR PAYPAL ONLY Willing to ship all items except the tank and stand! All prices are to your door! Everything has original packaging!!! Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue Light with Gooseneck Mount - $200 Osmolator Nano 3152 Auto Top Off - $80 Auqa Gadget SkimMate DeskTop Ghost Skimmer - Innovative...
  18. Selling Forums
    Selling barely used JBJ ocean stream os-1k power head kit. Comes with 2 powerheads and 1 wave maker control module. Rated for up to 100 gallons. Was in a saltwater tank for a couple month but I'm getting out of the hobby. Retails for $135. This is a deal! Text me at 3!3-623-!238 . Will be going...
1-18 of 102 Results