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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy this fixture, I want to gut out the center bulbs and retrofit my radion in the middle. I love this light but the shadows from LEDs are brutal. If I cant find one I will have to make a canopy and hang it from the ceiling and mount the radion and t5s that way.
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking to set up a pretty sweet "display sump" and I want to put some macroalgaes in it. It's 36x10x12, 1" or so fine sand bed, will add rock. T5 HO 2x39w lighting with an actinic and 10k bulb (will replace the 10k soon, might get something else). Not looking to spend a ton unfortunately. I'm...
  3. Selling Forums
    55 gallon complete reef setup for sale. Tank is up and running for almost 6 years just don't have time for maintaining this tank no longer. In price are included all items in pictures and whatever else I have for successfully maintaining saltwater tanks. Not interested in any trades or parting...
  4. Selling Forums
    65 gallon AGA, Stand, Glass Top, Mega flow kit accessories: $80 Here's some pictures: Tek-Light T5 HO Fluorescent Lighting Fixture (6 LAMP 36" 39w T5): [SIZE="6"]$100 I will include the stands and the bulbs with the fixture. The bulbs are about 3 years old, but I've only used them for a good...
  5. Want to Buy
    Need a ballast for a tek 44 48" 4 bulb mine just went out where can i order one from?
  6. Selling Forums
    Current USA 48 inch Outer Orbit 2x150w 10K HQI-MH w/ 4x54W T5 HO & 18 Lunar Lights I have two Current USA 48 inch Outer Orbit 2x150w 10K HQI-MH w/ 4x54W T5 HO & 18 Lunar Lights. Both in working condition, both with 14k Phoenix halides that are 8-12months old. T5 are all blue, not sure brand...
  7. Selling Forums
    I am getting out of frag swapping. This whole set up has only been used twice. 2 brand new 1/2" acrylic tanks 36L x 18W x 8D. I paid $450 for these tanks alone. 2 Current Nova Extreme 36" lights - 2x 39 watt - T5 HO. 2 - Unbreakable heaters and 2 - Hydor 750 circulation pumps. 2 - 5ft tall sign...
  8. New to the Hobby
    Hey what's up everyone! New to the saltwater reefing community and so far I wanna say I'm having a blast. There is so much to learn about fish and coral but it's quite exciting. My question is I recently purchased some frags yesterday at my lfs after two months of cycling I was told that normal...
  9. Selling Forums
    I used it for 3 years in over a SPS tank and had great results. I keep it well maintained and still works like new. I have extra used working and some new bulbs I am going to throw in for free with it. The bulbs in the fixture (ATI) had 36 days @ 8hrs a day on them when I tore the system down so...
  10. Selling Forums
    Tank and Equipment for Sale Almost everything you need to have a turnkey set up just need a pump for the skimmer 72 gallon bow front with stand Eshopps 700GPH overflow 48 inch Current USA SunDial T5 HO 4x54W w/ Timers & LED by Current USA Tunze 6065 powerhead Rio 2100 return EuroReef 1110...
  11. Selling Forums
    I have approximately 60-80 pounds of live rock I need gone very soon. I am moving and will not be taking the tank with me. $100 takes all the rock and crushed coral substrate if you want it.
  12. New to the Hobby
    Hello everyone! First off, this is my wife's and I first year here in Michigan. Natively we are from both Oregon and Colorado, respectively. After a stint in the military, from both of us, we decided to move to Ann Arbor to attend at the University of Michigan. Which has been going smooth(ish)...
  13. Selling Forums
    48" Finnex T5 4x54 with moons **SOLD** SOLD thank you :)
  14. Selling Forums
    Call/text 2487902544 Whats left: Black 1/4 inch acrylic sheets designed to fit inside a 55 gallon tank $10 each 4 avab. GLO 36"48" 2 bulb T5 a few months old $100 29 gallon tank $35 LARGE PURPLE CAP $35 large orange cap SOLD small orange cap $15 small purple cap $15 8 heads Rastas zoas $50...
  15. Selling Forums
    Selling this light, only took out of the box. It wont fit in my canopy $140 p/u clinton township Bulbs are still in the tube 48 034 324W T5 HO Aquarium Light Hood 6X54W Fluorescent Actinic Lamp LCD Timer Reef | eBay
  16. Reef Discussion
    So as some may know I've been struggling with a hair algea problem in my 90 gallon mixed reef tank the steps I have taken to kill this monster / algea Tried 4 different sea hairs they died Added a huge deltec phosban reactor that hold 2 lbs of phos guard and is half full changed out every 3...
  17. Selling Forums
    I have a 125 gallon 6ft tank non drilled about 2 years old comes with a black stand and a t5 ho aquatic life fixturealso 6ft with built in timers. I am asking 450.00 obo. If inersested in seeing pic message me and I can text pics
  18. Selling Forums
    This is a 72 Inch Outer Orbit lighting fixture. The fixture and the bulbs are used. This item is for sale on eBay. I am asking for $300.00. If you are interested in seeing photos, please contact me: [email protected] This product is for local pickup only. A link to more product...
21-38 of 500 Results