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    90 gallon setup Yellow tang $50 Pair of clowns- $40 Pulsing xenia Small clean up crew 2 power heads Protein skimmer 80+ lbs of live rock 6 bulb t5 light fixture, led night lights with built in timers Sump, protein skimmer, return pump Titanium submersible heater. Call/text 269-364-4607...
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    two 36" fixtures and each has a separate Ballast. Easy plug and play connectors and reflector also included. Can also include an extra bulbs. Asking $30.
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    I have a ATI Sunpower dimmable T5 light fixture with bulbs that I am selling. I bought it new and used it for about 3 months. I took down my 48" tank when I built my new 400 gallon setup. Asking $600 including bulbs and original box Please Text me for pics 248-766-7340
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    I have 7-10 gallon tanks , 2 are drilled, a 20 gallon tank, a 24" 2 bulb t5 light and a ActiveAqua air pump with 8 valves 70L/min. $125 for every.
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    Tank is rimless 24x24x12 center overflow with black silicone. Synergy sump is 18x12x15 with only a skimmer and return pump sections. This set up will include a stand Aquoen pump and a 4 bulb T5 light. SOLD
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    This is a 180 gallon glass Aquarium that was used for a little over a year. It has dual overflow, no scratches that I can see and comes with a freshly painted black stand. I have a 6 ft t5 light and protein skimmer that come with it to put in the 50 gallon Bashsea sump that also comes with...
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    I have a 35gallon rimless cube. With a 36in refugium, 300w heater, auto topoff, t5 light.it is on a home made stand $400
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    6 x 54W Sunpower for sale - SOLD Comes with bulbs (6+ mo. old): 2 Blue Plus 2 Aqua Blue Special 1 Purple Plus 1 Coral Plus *Does not come with hanging kit* I will text pictures if interested. I cannot upload high quality pics here. 313 590 3407
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    Hello Michigan Reefers its been quite a long time since Ive been online. I have been cleaning out the storage and have quite a few things left to sell. Here is my list if you want to negotiate throw me some numbers and we can work something out. EVERYTHING MUST GO Text me for Pictures 1...
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    4 bulb T5 light fixture Canister filtration unit 50# of live rock Circulation pumps heater Buy the setup and I will throw in all the livestock for free Coral banded Shrimp Clown fish Blue cleaner wrasse Half black angel fish Mushrooms Green star polyps xenia and more pictures available by...
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    Aqueon proflex sump 2 and AquaC ev120 skimmer with pump Used for about a year, in great shape I will keep the coral life t5 light with it. 125.00 obo Skimmer works like a champ, comes with a rio 2100 pump. 100.00 obo
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    Coralife T5 30 Inch Light Fixture Bulbs recently replaced $90 Text 989-859-0297
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    Time to start selling off my set up. Aqueon Proflex Sump Model 2 w/ coralife T5 light=100.00 AquaC Ev-120 skimmer w/ RIO-2100 pump=100.00 BRS: GFO/CARBON reactor=30.00 SOLD! Eheim 300watt heater (up to 264 gallons)=20.00 Danner 9.5 pondmaster return pump w/ like new impeller=40.00...
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    I'm gauging interest in my 180 gallon setup. In no way is this a hardship sell. I love my hobby, but I just don't have the time to properly maintain it anymore. I am willing help someone tear it down. I AM NOT PARTING THIS OUT. I will keep take a day off work and deep clean/maintenance it before...
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    Just upgrade and going to sell my tank and equipment 65 gallon flatback hex with stand-325.00 9.5mag pump-40.00 Aqua c 180 skimmer w/ pump- 100.00 Aqueon proflex sump-125.00 Eheim jager 300w heater- 15.00 Coral life sump t5 light-20.00 Any questions contact number is 810-931-0858
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    Selling some stuff from I bought for a tank build, but ended up getting a smaller tank. ATI Sunpower 6x54W ($275) Bought Used. Replaced the AC/DC adapter with a generic one. I accidentally broke the rubber fan pins when I took it apart to clean, but they can easily be ordered from ATI. Comes...
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    Hello Mi Reefers, I am selling my t5 light it is a 6 bulb t5 TEK-Light (Need new bulbs) $150 I am selling my MAG 7 pump $30 I am also selling a little over half 5 gallon bucket of BRS Kalk Wasser $20 I am also selling any Brightwell addictive anyone might be interested in. $Offer Text for pics...
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    48" 4 bulb HO T5 light by Wavepoint SOLD WavePoint 48" 4 bulb High Output T5 light. It is more than I need although I do like it. PICS are of the light for sale. $55 takes it. For fastest response you can text me at...
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    I purchased a fixture for a project... But mis measured, so it won't fit! My loss your gain. Coralife dual T5 fixture, brand new, come get it! $65.
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    I have dual 40g tanks (one display one sump) with all accessories. - 40 gallon breeder drilled for overflow and dual returns - 40 gallon (sump) - "Lowes special" metal bracket stand - CPR bak-pac skimmer - quad T5 light (display tank) - dual T5 (was on sump) - return pump (will update with...
1-20 of 170 Results