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    check out pics on photobucket--album -lots of supplies pics are mostly in order--if it doesnt work I can send pics of anything ALL FOR $60 Lots Of Supplies by Gary Saul | Photobucket frozen food--16 OZ BLOODWORMS-32oz BRINE SHRIMP--both for $20 46 IN VHO FIXTURE 4 bulbsE-$5 bucket of...
  2. Selling Forums
    I have a 35gallon rimless cube. With a 36in refugium, 300w heater, auto topoff, t5 light.it is on a home made stand $400
  3. Selling Forums
    Have a JBJ ATO along with an extra float switch. $45
  4. Selling Forums
    SOLD Neptune Aquacontroller Jr. $110 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Neptune Aquacontroller Jr. $110.00 OBO I live in Forest Hills but can bring to the swap Sunday if prepaid via PayPal Friends and Family. I have tons of feedback on Ebay as well as RC and...
  5. Selling Forums
    ASM Skimmer and 100 gal sump for sale I have 2 other sale threads active as well. pm or email [email protected] if interested in anything. ASM G2X skimmer. The sedra3500 pump won't turn. I don't want to mess with it. $40 100 gallon-ish 48Lx18Wx26T sump with built in refugium. only 1...
  6. New to the Hobby
    I just bought an aquarium and this stand/sump. I'm looking at it it doesn't have different bevels for water levels in different chambers there are small openings in the bottoms of each separator to allow the water to flow through. Is this good, bad, or does it even matter. Also, it looks to...
  7. New to the Hobby
    Anyone have comments on doing water changes and top offs with RODI VS Distilled Water? I am setting up a JBJ Nano Cube 24 as a Reef Tank. THanks
  8. Reef Discussion
    Hi guys. Im looking at a 60g cube. It has a center overflow plumbed in the back. I want to run: an Aquem Proflex #2 sump/refugium (rated for 75g) Bubble Magus bm-nac3+ protein skimmer and for lighting- Eco tech Radion xr 30w G3 led lights (max PAR 900) what are your thoughts, likes and...
  9. Water Chemistry
    What are the reasons why my salinity is through the roof? I mixed up the water/salt solution exactly to the specs of the bag directions for my pico tank, and have been aerating it in my barrel. My salinity will not at all stabilize even through water changes, evaporation, topoff, and etc. My...
  10. Selling Forums
    100 GPD 6 stage RO/DI Filter with new filters and 3 gallon holding tank - $75 Reeflo Hammerhead Pump - $300 55 Gallon rubbermaid container $35 5 gallon water jugs - $5 ea (4 available) Tunze Osmolator auto topoff - $70 Tiger Shark Magnetic Cleaner - $35 Open to trades for larger corals...
  11. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Exactly one year ago at this time I bought a used set up and then never set it up. The lesson I have learned today is: Even if you don't set it up right away, at LEAST check everything out and make sure you actually paid for working equipment. :( Got a JBJ ATO with this set up and when I took...
  12. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    My osmolator (tunze) has given me some trouble lately so I'm looking for another brand of top off. What type do you guys use and what is the most reliable? thanks, Tom
  13. Selling Forums
    (SOLD) Evo 24" Reef Capable LED strip light w/ a Hamilton blue led. $45001-3.jpg Photo by barav17 | PhotobucketFrag tank 25" x 16" x 11" $20(SOLD)002-2.jpg Photo by barav17 | Photobucketpower adapter for ecoexotic panorama pro LEDs, will power 1 to 3 12" LED strips, also includes the 3 way...
  14. Selling Forums
    Shut down my tank, Still have box, paypal as a gift $60 shipped of $55 picked up! Jbj auto topoff system.
  15. Selling Forums
    Jbj Topoff with 1 float and aqualifter pump. $80 shipped. I go through too much water shipping corals to use this. Send inquiries to [email protected]
  16. Advanced Topics
    Well the base module died and shippin back to neptune for repair. Bought another and it's bein overnighted. All that reprogramming cause I forgot to save the program. What did we ever do without controllers? I'm terrified something will go wrong overnight, but I'm lucky to have caught it this...
  17. Selling Forums
    (Price Drop) 48" 6x54w T5-HO Fixture with New Bulbs Lowered Prices This Weekend Only For sale is a Current USA Orbit Extreme Pro 48" 6x 54watt fixture with individual reflectors and new bulbs with less than 6 weeks of use. The fixture also has two fans in the end for cooling and a plastic...
  18. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Hi all, I'm looking to get back into the hobby and am particularly excited about SM's HOG. I'm limited to SM's HOG because of cost, size, and time considerations (I'm poor, I can only set up a 29gal, and I don't have time to build my own ATS). Unfortunately, I'm sensitive to noise, and any...
  19. New to the Hobby
    Hi, i see lots of different ATO set ups up to $300 my question is,can i just connect my ro/di to a float in my sump? seems cheap/easy to me, am i missing something? thanks in advance
1-19 of 30 Results