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    Just noticing we haven't had a new Tank of the Quarter in a long time. Anyone know why?
  2. Vendor Experiences
    I need a custom glass tank made. Do any of you have recommendations on where to have it done near Macomb Township? I also need a stand and canopy made. I appreciate your recommendations. Please PM me. Best regards, Tim Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Tank of the Quarter
    Michigan Reefers would like to congratulate cmaxwell39 for being Tank of the Quarter winner. To check out cmaxwell39's TOTQ submission in full detail please click HERE Congrats cmaxwell39 for all the hard work you put in your tank and for your TOTQ submission. Members let's congratulate...
  4. Members Tanks
    Hey fellow michigan-reefers. Many of you may remember me from over the past 7 years. I've been out of the hobby for a little less than a year due to some ups and many downs in my personal life. Well I'm jumping back in feet first. I found a killer deal from a reefer an hour and a half away on a...
  5. The Lounge
    I see that the last tank of the month was back in Jan 2010. Is there a reason why this has stopped? Can there be a tank of the month jan 2014?
  6. Announcements
    Just wanted to send a note to everyone that we have added a new moderator. Tom (tdb320reef) has accepted the role of moderator. As he gets more comfortable with his role, he will likely be involved in future contests and TOTM, so that is exciting. So lets all give him a warm welcome!
  7. Site Feedback and Questions
    When is this site going to reactivate the TOTM? Looks like no addition since 2010 common.. Get something going..
  8. Reef Discussion
    Here is a video of the amount of coral growth I have gotten in 8 months you will need to check out my other video for comparison here is the link Thanks Russ:order
  9. Site Feedback and Questions
    How about a Michigan Reefers calendar with pics of members' tanks for each month. My friend does this for the Camaro site he runs and they're very cool. Once TOTM is in full swing, we could use those for each month.
  10. Members Tanks
    After seeing TBD180REEF's (Tom's) tank over the weekend, I decided I need to do some major work on my tank. His tank is just jaw dropping and it inspiried me to improve mine! Well I am forcing my self to create this to show everyone how bad, IMO, my tank is and how I WILL improve it over the...
  11. Photography
    This is two days after dosing Zeo Spur 2. The Colors are amazing:
  12. Site Feedback and Questions
    Can we start this back up. I though this was going to start back up with the addition of the new MOD. My 320 would be a good candidate. Tom
  13. Reef Discussion
    When working in the tank yesterday I bumped my Leather and it pulled in a bit. When I was cleaning the glass I noticed that the leather had left a couple little friends on the bottom of the setosa. This may expell the myth that a leather cant be housed with sps and potentially "poisons" those...
  14. Site Feedback and Questions
    Just wondering who would be interested in a nano tank contest? Fun little summer contest. Something simple... Under 30 Gallons, time frame, pictures, etc..... Taking suggestions in this thread and a poll for interest. Thanks! Eirik
  15. Reef Discussion
    Check this out! (not mine) Now stop asking if you can grow sps with t5s :victory:
  16. Site Feedback and Questions
    Would it be possible or at least considered to lock old threads? Maybe autolock 30 days after the last post unless the OP requests an open to post an update or something? I keep going back to Debs TOTM because someone posts in it hoping it's Debbie letting us know her family is well and she...
  17. New to the Hobby
    Hi everyone- I've been lurking on your site for a while now but never posted, figured I should introduce myself. I didn't see an introduction forum so hopefully this is the correct place to post this. I've been keeping reeftanks for probably 18 years or so (god that makes me feel old LOL)...
  18. Selling Forums
    Former TOTM (on a different forum) stand/canopy combo up for sale. Here's the March 2010 TOTM thread. The following are available: 1. Custom build, high quality oak stand and canopy for a 36"x18" tank. SOLD Here is the stand being built in 2005. The back is semi-solid to allow room at the top...
  19. Site Feedback and Questions
    Where has this been in 2011? Are there no submissions? Would love to see more great tanks.
  20. Site Feedback and Questions
    I am fairly new to this site, but I notice that there used to be a "tank of the month". Sadly it looks like the last time someone won the honor was this past January. Has the competition ended? Was there a lack of interest or something? It's sad because it was great to see such awesome reef...