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  1. Want to Buy
    in search of a pair of juvenile WHITE stripe Maroon clownfish...
  2. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    Okay so the people that have sharks and stingrays what is the average temperature and salinity do you keep your tanks at for them
  3. Selling Forums
    50 breeder tank $50
  4. Want to Buy
    Found what I needed, thanks everyone.
  5. Selling Forums
    CALL GARY FOR FASTER RESPONSE -7347772483 Green BTA-6 INCHES--$40 Paly grandes 6-head $20 Lithophylion Udulatum-rare-$80--6 inch dia POTATO CHIPS-$15 FOR 2 IN FRONT $10 FOR--have 1 $15 piece left BLUE ATHELIA $10-HAVE SOME LARGER ONES FOR $15--nice blue under actinics DEAD MANS FINGERS...
  6. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
  7. Zoanthid
    I was wondering if these had a certain name? Or do they all fall under a generic name? Also a good place to buy some nicer colors. Thanks for any info.
  8. Want to Buy
    Looking for a pair of some locally bred fish, primarily the following species: bangaii cardinals percula/ocellaris clownfish ---- don't want anything designer or high end. Just standard clowns. But let me know what you have. If the price is fine, I'll go with whatever. Anybody breeding...
  9. Reef Discussion
    Well Ive been out of the hobby for six year and started a tank. I made the mistake of broadcast feeding in my tank one time and it over night it seemed like everything was getting covered. I did some water changes and went to get a clean up crew. The guy at trop sold me astria snails. He said...
  10. Want to Buy
    Anyone in the Livonia area that can offer up some live sand from sump or tank that I can use for starting off (seeding) a new tank I just set up? I will pick up a couple pieces of live rock at the "trop" as well. I just thought I would ask ;) Thanks, -Ed
  11. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    came from trop -forgot name bought with tank shutdown never had a name-some type of anemone that the anemone crab loves
  12. Do It Yourself
    Downriver area anyone know of a place to get a small piece of glass to cover overflow holes on bottom of tank? Been looking with not much success. Found onedayglass online but 20$ for a 5x7" piece of glass then 15$ for shipping and handling... Big box stores don't have glass thick enough...
  13. Vendor Experiences
    Looking to get a fighting conch for my tank but I can't remember ever seeing one at a LFS. I know you can get them online but shipping is expensive. Anyone know any shops around that might have a few?
  14. Vendor Experiences
    I'm new to Michigan's salt water scene. I can't seem to locate any fish stores near me (within 2-3 hrs drive). Would love some suggestions on stores to visit or any fragswaps.
  15. Trading Forums
    Looking for a pair of tank bred Clarkii or Pink Skunk Clownfish and I'm willing to purchase or trade for coral. They will be for a single species fish only reef tank. If you know of a reputable breeder or dealer, please post reply or PM me. Corals up for trade posted via Youtube video...
  16. The Lounge
    The last few months the forums have not been a fun place for me and I need to not hold grudges against people and learn to let things go so from now on I will not let things bother me and will even stop in at the trop again it has been awhile. Sorry to anybody I have been negative towards if...
  17. Want to Buy
    Lookin for a harlequin shrimp to clean up my tank. Better if I could borrow it. Also willing to trade.
  18. Selling Forums
    Going a different direction with my tank so looking to rehome some fish...you must have a large enough tank for these fish for me to consider letting them go. Pair of Blueface Angels...one is a show size 9-10" Adult that will eat flakes or nori right from your hand. So much personality. The...
  19. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a Titan or Queen Trigger Fish Let me know what you have?
  20. Vendor Experiences
    Anyone here ever buy a box of reef salt from the trop? If so, how did you like it and what did you think about it? I got a box a while ago and im finding sand or something on the bottom of bucket after it dissolves. I need to buy new salt soon so wondering if ib should give it a try again...