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  1. Selling Forums
    Frag tank needs to get cleared. I tried to post most of the multiple pieces, but I have a lot of other types not shown too. Unedited other than the text, on iPhone 8, reefbreeder lighting
  2. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a 90 gallon tank that 2 years ago was pristine...then I moved and totally f'ed up it's chi. Then I had a newborn and a new job on top of the new house so needless to say my tank pretty much died (along with my reefbreeders). Anywho, I am trying to bring everything back online and need...
  3. Selling Forums
    SOLD! Mods please delete thread. Thanks
  4. Selling Forums
    I’m looking to shut down may tank and need to get rid of a couple remaining coral. Pm me with number and I can text pictures. Pick in Fenton 1-Chalice attached to a rock $50 1- Blue german digitata $15 (so I was told but it never looked blue) 1- Small green toadstool attached to a rock. $15
  5. Selling Forums
    In case anyone didn't see on the MR FB page. Email [email protected] for pics or if you're interested in coming out to pick up some really reasonably priced corals. Selling most of my pieces. Can work on bundled prices. No piece more than the cost of a tank of gas. I run a very...
  6. New to the Hobby
    I kept a 20 gallon tank from 2007 until 2012ish, as chronicled here. That was a while ago, and I don't have any of my equipment any more, so this will be a completely new start. I am thinking I want to keep things simple again, but I want to go with a a somewhat larger footprint and want to do...
  7. Selling Forums
    Here are some frags I can bring with me to the Lansing swap. Prices are listed below or willing to trade for frags I don't already have. Pink Pocillopora 1/2" frags $10 1" frags $15 Green trumpet coral $5 head (many large heads available) Purple digi (1) 1" frag $10 SOLD (1) 1" multi branch...
  8. Selling Forums
    Well, the time has come and I have began selling some coral and livestock and breaking down my 90 gallon reef. Coral and livestock must sell first before I can start to part with equipment. Package deals are available. Text me at 616-843-5032. First come, first serve. POOS Equipment: 90...
  9. Selling Forums
    I will only bring what is reserved to swap. PM me what you want and pay at swap. Pics are mother colonys not wysiwyg. One 5 poylp frag of Sunny D zoas $20.00 (SOLD) One 7 polyp frag of Cinnamon Grande Palys $20.00 (SOLD) One 3/4" frag of tyree undata monti $15.00(SOLD) One 1" frag of tyree neon...
  10. Selling Forums
    I have 3 RBTA with green base on a small rock, 2 are about 3" to 4" and 1 is about 5"+ when fully open. $150 for the 3. Big pipe trumpet, about 30+ heads - $50 PM me for any questions.
  11. Selling Forums
    large Deresa clam the shell is 10" $180(sold) 6" Hippo tang, very healthy, no LLE, $60 Orange frogspawn $40 per head Purple nana sps 1.5" multi branch frga $20 purple digi with white tips lg frag $20 neon green porcillapora $15 lg ked red frag 20+poylp $20 space monsters 2 poylp $20 3-polyp $25...
  12. Selling Forums
    I have a 56 gallon deep blue rimless. Come with 2 ai vega colors, 1 mean well driver to run both lights, 1 ai driver, 1 controller, and ai light rail to sit on top. I have 2 jebao pp-4 power heads in it. Sca-301 skimmer. Tlf Carbon reactor. And whatever test kits additives and misc stuff I...
  13. Site Help and Suggestions
    Been a Michigan Reefer for a couple years now. Recently I tried to post Trumpet Coral Frags to the seller forum and received a pop up saying I wasn't allowed to post to this sub forum. Any ideas what the issue is? Sent from my Moto X Pure
  14. Selling Forums
    woke up this morning and found a branch broke off my main colony of trumpet coral so its up for sale. it has somewhere between 35-45 heads on it plus new ones growing as well. Very healthy, polyps get nice and big during the day and the feeders come out every night. Polyps are a little upset in...
  15. Selling Forums
    I'm going fish only for a bit so I'm selling off my corals. I have a variety of lps and zoas. I will sell all of it for $375 but individual prices will be in the list. Discount given on multiple pieces. I will try to post pics tonight after work Rock with several kenya trees $5 Rock with green...
  16. Selling Forums
    50 gallon Oceanic with Starfire glass aquarium 30"w X 20"t X 18"d Comes with black wood stand and canopy. Canopy contains 4 - 24" T5 fluorescent lights (Giesemann Pure Blue, Pure Actinic and two ATI Aquablue special) and a set of blue/moon light LEDs. Rena Filstar Xp canister filter. Remora...
  17. Selling Forums
    We need to move the rest of this livestock to shut this tank down! Willing to trade for small Mantis Shrimp Fire & Ice Morph - 15 Polyps - $25 Mohawks - 5 Polyps - $10 , 10 Polyps - $20
  18. Selling Forums
    The frag tank is full! I have a bunch of corals for cheap to make room for next week's shipment. First pic, left row $5 right row $10 lots of eagle eyes, some pallys, chong bongs morph, green bay packers Second pic is the $15 row, blue ridge, gobstoppers, neon trumpet, mint green zoas and...
  19. Selling Forums
    edited to remove sold items Candy cane $25, guessing 24 heads Unknown purple polyps with green eyes on live rock $30 Unknown mix of orange and neon green polyps on live rock $30 Jasmine scattered on large live rock $25
  20. Selling Forums
    I have a bunch of small colonies and frags both loose and on plugs, first come first pick Peach/pink (montipora digitata) $5 frag $10 colony Green paly (Protopalythoa mutuki) $5 2 or 3 polyps Frogspawn (Euphyllia divisa) $10 heads $5 a head for 10+ Trumpet Coral (Caulastrea curvata) $5...
1-20 of 419 Results