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    Grand Rapids. Utter Chaos polyps $5 per polyp, watermelon zoa frags $10 per 3-5 polyps. All guaranteed healthy and peat-free. Text me with any questions (231) 343-4520. No trades. Pick-up only unless within 5 miles of 49306 zip code.
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    Making some room in a few tanks. All corals are very healthy and have been cut for over 2 weeks. Prices are on pictures below. For quickest response 810 931 0858.
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    Looking to sell my complete setup 125 Gallon with livestock 125 gallon dual over flow Ruby red trigger sump Reef octopus diablo skimmer 2 MP40QD SICCE return pump 2 jebao Nero 5 knock off pumps 2 32” SBreef lights (about 9 months) Also a couple of those rocks that stick to the side of the...
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    I will bring to the flint swap if you PM me and reserve frags For the Flint Swap. Pay when we meet up. One 2 polyp frag of Utter Chaos Zoas ($20) One 1 polyp frag of Utter Chaos Zoa ($10)(SOLD) Three 1" frags of Sunset Monti ($10 each)(1 SOLD) Two Small frags of Neon green toadstool ($10...
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    Clearing off rack again. Most zoas are multiple polyps and just $10 bucks! To many to list. Text 734-658-7924
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    I need to clear some space off my frag racks. Frags ranging from $10 to $40 all multiple polyps. Best way to get into contact is text: 734-658-7924. I can't remember all the names off the top of my head... Some include: blondies, jf star gazer, gorilla nipples, bam bams, utter chaos...
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    Good size red cap monti - $10 5 polyp armor of gods - $20 3 polyp purple monsters - $15 10-12 polyp rastas - $30 single polyp utter chaos - $10 green stripped shrooms and green hairy shroom - $5 per turquoise shrooms - $10 per caulerpa seaweed - $5 a handful
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    ALL LIVESTOCK CURRENTLY PENDING Selling all my remaining livestock. Pictures are numbered to match list. Best way to reach me is by text: 313-590-3407 Fish: Melanurus Wrasse (approx. 3 inches) - $30 Tomini Tang (approx. 2 inches) - $30 Corals: #2 Cherry Corals Bulletproof Elegance (~6" x 6")...
  9. Want to Buy
    Wtb paly frags-es[ecially utter chaos, gobstoppers, also blue tubs zoa,goochster,rainbow raptors, dart maul, bam bams, sunny d's, fruit loops etc text me at 5862957062
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    Reefers, I have a few Z and P and sailfin tang for sale Sailfin tang 4inch+ , $45 2p Vivids Rainbow - $20 - Sold 2p Armor of Gods - $15 ( Right of purple hornets ) - Sold 1P - Pink Zippers - $10 (Center of the picture ) - Sold 3p- Tubs Blue - $15 ( Center of the pic ) 2p - Fruit...
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    Reefers I have a few Z and P for sale. I can ship as well. All frags have been growing for months and are not fresh frags sold
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    All items are sold
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    All zoas sold. Only below left 3" multibranch orange digis for $10 each 1-2" hollywood stunners for $5 Also a gold/blue maxima clam about 2.5-3" -$75 All items shown are WYSIWYG and there are NO HOLDS! First come, first served. No trades!
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    Utter chaos 10-12 polyps - $100 Scrambled Eggs 4 polyp - $40 Vamps n Drag 4-6 polyps - $40 Cc bloodsuckers 6 polyps - $100 Rastas 3 polyps - $20 Pink elephant 1 polyp - $30 Fruit Loop 3 polyps - $30 Call/text 734-260-6913 Can meet up also.
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    Reefers, I have few Z and P for sale. sold
  16. Want to Buy
    I am looking for some nice healthy sps colonies or frags. I would like to stay within 30 miles of were I live. I am looking for purple bonsai, red planet, Birds of Paradise, Jedi Mind Trick, Oregon Tort, Pink Lemonade, Frogskin, Sunrise Explosion and anything else with nice color. I am also...
  17. Want to Buy
    Looking for some bright zoas/palys like utter chaos, rastas or goonchers/gobstoppers ect.
  18. Want to Buy
    I am in the General Detroit area visiting on business and would like to take back some frags. Interested in nice zoas, euphyllia, lps, or even sps.....so pretty much anything nice. Hoping a local has a lot of frags to choose from. My reef is sps dominant 150g and I'm limited on space...
1-19 of 31 Results