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  1. Reef Fish
    Wow. No posts in 30 days. Hopefully someone looks at this forum... Anyway, just wondering what the consensus or even non-consensus is on the lifespan of Watchman Gobies? I have had mine... not that long... 3 or so years? Maybe longer. I honestly have no idea at this point, but at least 3...
  2. Selling Forums
    My 180 Break Down is complete (Thanks John!!!!) and have (2) MP40W's left over from the sale. I have the original Packaging for both units. Just replaced (1) Wet Side about 9 months ago (Quiet Drive) I have pictures if needed. Please text me at 734/674-3854 for the pic's. Looking for $...
  3. Selling Forums
    Good morning Michigan Reefers. I'm breaking down my 180 Gallon set up. Life is becoming very busy with 3 kids and business to run. I'd love to sell this set up turn key, but will be willing to part out once the livestock is sold. Total system $ 2000.00 NOTE, i will be keeping some of the...
  4. Selling Forums
    Due to medical issues that I'm having I need to sell my setup. Custom 80 gal bow front 36x20x26 with fish, coral and equipment. $250. Reef Keeper Lite, Skimmer, 20 gal sump, Vortec 10, Reactor, pumps. Mostly soft coral, Hollywood stunner, 40lb live rock , Tang, Hawk, Clown, ect. A really nice...
  5. Trading Forums
    ATI 6 bulb T5, Rock, Tanks, Maxi Mini & Clowns I have- Fluval 405 Standard 75 gallon, not drilled, black silicone w/ a stand, stand is in working order, but not perfect 50G Breeder tank, drilled Pair of percs Am looking for- Return pump 700-900 gph, internal Maxi Jet 900-1200's, in good...
  6. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have two vortec mp10s they are not the wireless version. Eco tech sells the RF module for $45 to make the driver wireless. My question is what is the benefit of synced pumps? Is it really worth the 90$ to have them synced? If random flow is what we are aiming for then is it really that important?
  7. Want to Buy
    looking for mp40 vortech
  8. Selling Forums
    I have a ecotech mp40 wes it was manufactured september 25 of 2012 I never installed it on tank until febuary of 2013 and ran if for 6 months, I only have a 55 cube so it was to much flow even at 20% so I removed it, I was cleaning the wet side one day and dropped it,,,so I purchased a brand...
  9. Selling Forums
    Due to the birth of our newest child, and lack of time, I will be placing my Saltwater set-up up for sale. Vortech MP40Wes- SOLD BRS Dual Reactor w/ Maxijet 1200- $40 imagejpg1_zps93e6dd1c.jpg Photo by ScottcRRT | Photobucket Mag 9 pump- SOLD Mag 7 pump- SOLD 35 gallon horizontal water...
  10. Want to Buy
    Looking for a vortex battery backup, please lmk price if you have one for sale
  11. Want to Buy
    Hello all, I am looking for some new circulation options for my tank, I would really like something like a Vortec MP10, or the cheapo alternative (which actually performs quite exceptional) I would be interested in Jeabo Wavemakers like the WP10, WP 25, or the WP40.. Let me know what you have...
  12. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I was wondering, how long has ecotech had the patent on the technology for the vortech powerheads? Eventually the patent has to expire, and when that happens, there will likely be a lot of similar powerheads IMO. That would mean big price drops and such
  13. Want to Buy
    im looking for a mp10 vortech
  14. Selling Forums
    selling 2 Mp10wes with drivers both are manufactured in april 2012 both work great no problems both for $300.00
  15. Selling Forums
    Here we go, we are moving and everything must go! 140g acrylic 60x18x30h Custom stand and canopy Super Reef Octopus skimmer xp2000sss cone w/pump Reef octopus, large bio-pellet reactor 2-250w metal hail lights Arctica 1/3hp Chiller 2 Vor Tech MP40 30g sump Lots of pumps and test equipment...
  16. Do It Yourself
    Hello I have a 120G Acrylic tank that I'm tearing down to correct a separate issue and while I'm doing that I would like to remove all of the surface scratches, and Coraline on the inside and outside. Can anyone recommend someone or someplace in the basic Flint area that would be willing to...
  17. Trading Forums
    Bubble Magus dosing pump TM01 for Vortech mp10 I have a bubble magus 3 head doser pump that I no longer use. The doser was only used for about a year or so and never had any problems. I would like to trade it for a vortec mp10es or mp40es. please pm if you have any interest. Thanks
  18. Selling Forums
    I need some Christmas shopping money so I decided to sell some stuff quick! Don't hesitate, this is a everything is priced to move quick. No shipping. 40 Gallon? (30x12x24) TALL tank with pine stand. - SOLD Vortech MP10 - SOLD Reef Octopus Skimmer - SOLD 2x250 Metal halide fixture with PC...
1-20 of 151 Results