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  1. Want to Buy
    Does anyone have some chaeto I can buy?
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for a Frag Tank - 48" would be ideal - but will entertain any size - even small tanks.
  3. Premium Aquatics
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays We wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. We hope everyone can spend some time with family and friends and stay safe during this crazy time. We will be be open Thursday 24th from 9-1pm and closed the 25th. https://premiumaquatics.com/ 25% OFF KLIR DROP-IN...
  4. Reef Discussion
    Anyone running a scrubber for your skimmer? Just curious if it works and how you run it.
  5. Members Tanks
    Just wanted to introduce our newest reef...
  6. Selling Forums
    Yellow tang medium/ large 50 Yellow tank medium/large 50 Blue hippo medium 60 Tomini tang 60 Mandarin goby 20 Yellow head sleeper goby 20 Lunar wrasse large 75 250 pound live rocks 1 dollar a pound if u buy all or 1.50 a pound if you don***8217;t buy all. Some rocks have leather cabbages on it...
  7. Want to Buy
    Got what I needed... Thanks!
  8. Trading Forums
    BIOCUBE or NANOCUBE wanted I have much to trade 180 Acrylic aquarium - 72" X 24" X 24" MP40's EcoTech Radion Liverock Bubble Magnus skimmer Custom Sump Pumps Misc equip Text me at 248-8zero8-2four9four
  9. Want to Buy
    Looking to fill in a new project. Easy to keep - run of the mill stuff wanted - larger frags if possible Flint/Lansing area preferred
  10. Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone I'm in the beginning stages of getting a tank going. Started to cure 60 lbs of dry rock (my LR from 10 years ago). Not sure on tank size yet. Kicking ideas around for a 50-120 gal range. In the mean time I'm curing what I have. So my question is if i don't use all the...
  11. Selling Forums
    PENDING - Pair of MR1 Shorty reactors, never used. Still in boxes. $55 for both. Would make great algae scubbers. Bonus: If wanted, buyer can have an old Euroreef shell (no pump, and needs reseal in/export tubes) for free. **Euroreef will not be given away separately from Shorties unless...
  12. Selling Forums
    I am selling a Fluval M40 with a light upgraded pump Water siphon hose Refugium light A small heater Instant ocean hydrometer Hob skimmer Some fluval polishing pads Bought it because the wife wanted a small reef tank in her office but she has changed her mind. Price is firm (as this is...
  13. Selling Forums
    Willing to pay 2 strong guys to move my fish tank and some other equipment. I’m will pay $150 each. Please pm me for more information. Thanks in advance.
  14. Want to Buy
    Looking for a 90ish gallon tank with overflow. It will be a new setup so sump, skimmer etc can be included. Whats available?
  15. Members Tanks
    NanoRyans Planted Fresh Water swamp Hey guys, after a very long time out of the hobby, i've made my return back to fish keeping. Some time next year i plan on getting back in to SW, but for now you guys get this. Tank Specs Setup Date: 4-14-19 Tank Size: 55g Water Volume: approx 35g...
  16. New to the Hobby
    I had several years of keeping both fish only and reef tanks, but I have been out of the hobby for about 10 years now. I see all the advances in technology and methodology and was wondering if the group had some advice to share with the new guy. I purchased a 60 gal used set up with a cpr...
  17. Selling Forums
    $130. Large bubbles. Text Seven34 -629-2073 for fastest response.
  18. Selling Forums
    Automatic water change and top off new in box. I can’t use this the way I wanted to so am selling it here. Price is $150 firm. It cost $199 new. Any questions just ask.
  19. Want to Buy
    If you or anyone has an Ocean Revive T247 wanted to sell please pm me. One of my unit went out on me last night. Please let me know if anyone has one. Thanks in advance..
  20. Reef Discussion
    where can i get frosted plexiglass or acrylic cut to size? I have started making the cabinet doors for my tank and i wanted backlight plexiglass panels. the glass store i normally use only does glass, which may be too heavy for what i have in mind. thanks in advance
1-20 of 461 Results