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  1. New to the Hobby
    I know that having a ro/di unit is very important and I plan on getting one soon. When I fill my tank 125 gallon's and mix the reef salt, I will have cured live rock ready to go in it. Is there anything I can add to the water to make it safe, and then use ro/di water for the upcoming water...
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    Just wanted to send a note to everyone that we have added a new moderator. Tom (tdb320reef) has accepted the role of moderator. As he gets more comfortable with his role, he will likely be involved in future contests and TOTM, so that is exciting. So lets all give him a warm welcome!
  3. Vendor Experiences
    Today I was getting ready to do my weekly water change, and instead of going to my usual LFS to get my RO water, I decided to make a trip down to Blue Fish Aquarium. For me it is about a 30 minute drive but I hadn't been there in 3 or 4 months, so I thought it would be nice to check out their...
  4. Vendor Experiences
    I'm giving it 5/5 stars! :D It took a little under a week to get here via ground shipping (I think they use Fed Ex??), and it was $2.50/# + shipping for a total of $76.90, or $3.84/# for twenty pounds shipped. I figured there'd be at least a little bit of rubble from shipping but everything...
  5. Vendor Experiences
    luckreef | eBay Some Nice ATO Tanks, frag tanks ect. at nice prices.......Even does custom orders I ordered a frag tank from him with the built in overflow and frag racks. Very nice
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year.
  7. Reef Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on a good marine pellet food, need something to put in my automatic feeder, it needs to be small enough that my blenny can eat it.
  8. Do It Yourself
    So I'm ready, I'm gonna cut up that old 180 gal tank of mine and make it into a pair of frag tanks. The dimensions are 6x2x2, in gonna make it into 2 6x2x1 tanks by buying a 6x2 piece of glass and 2 new frames. So here's my offer, if you come over and help me do the cutting and help me put the...
  9. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    This may not even come to fruition if Lowe's doesn't cut acrylic like they used to (and if they don't I'm going to scrap the idea of a sump all together and just go 'simple') but I wasted spent my first of three days off checking out sumps online and how to make them. I guess if I'm really...
  10. Want to Buy
    Looking for some things for new 29 biocube set-up that I picked up from another michiganreefer. Let me know if you'd like to trade for any corals or cash. Small protein skimmer In-fuge basket (the kind with dividers to add different types of media) In-fuge light (submersible kind, or maybe tiny...
  11. Selling Forums
    I'm converting my reef tank for the time being to a FOWLR. Here's what I have available as far as corals and related stock. I'm trying to post fair prices but am open to offers especially if you wanted to pick up everything or several items. Tan toadstool on small rock, very healthy and nice...
  12. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Anyone know where I can get my acrylic 50 gallon tank drilled and overflow installed? I'm live between Lansing & Grand Rapids. Gallagher
  13. Want to Buy
    Hi all, First off, I want to wish you all happy holidays. So now on to business.. I am looking for 1 or 2 of the Reefbreeders 120 watt LED Value Fixtures. I have been considering them for quite a while now, and I think a new tank is in order, and as a result, I must upgrade my lighting too...
  14. Softies & LPS
    So much color, I would hate to be color blind
  15. Reef Discussion
    Hello all, I just wanted to take a quick minute to reintroduce myself again after a short break from the hobby (about 10 years). Some of the names on the board still look familiar but as I have found a lot has change since leaving the hobby. I plan to slowly build a new system over the next 6...
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    So I've been setting up my little BioCube for WAY too long now. Because of the time of year, I figured I'd ask for the specific pumps I want and a few other random things for Christmas. What a bad idea that was! My cube is up and running, and I even just received my dry rock from Tampa Bay...
  17. Vendor Experiences
    Just got back from there and was very impressed with their sw fish selection. Good size specimens and great variety. Prices were low enough to surprise me. He also quarantines his fish for two weeks before he sells them. That impressed me more. Coral selection is good and getting...
  18. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Two out of three of the cheap chinese LED fixtures I bought not long ago have burned out (go figure). The blues still work, but the whites are gone. I sent one back within the warranty time, but that one went out again and I'm assuming the warranty is over by now. I paid $145 each on a group...
481-498 of 500 Results