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    works good newer impeller only issue is cable is cracked by pump $50 obo or possible trade for other equipment no live stock
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    Reefers, The tunze wavebox with controller is for 35 to 200 gallons. I no longer have a need for it, it has about 6months of use on it. In excellent shape. Details and all its features can be found on Tunze or Bulkreefsupply websites. $220 Shipped or $200 local pick up PS: I don't know why...
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    ATI 6x39W 36" SunPower T5 High Output Light. This is a 6 lamp fixture. It comes with original ATI hanging kit and new ATI ballast. Also comes with 7 lamps, one month old or less: [3] x ATI Purple Plus, ATI Blue Plus, KZ Fiji Purple, KZ New Generation Coral Light, Giesemann Midday. ATI SunPower...
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    I have had these items sitting in my basement for a year now since I took my tanks down please call ahead if you would like me to test them. I would be willing to run them in my wash tub to prove that they are functional. cell 6166440538 Phosban 550 reactor all parts and accessories included...
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    I have a floor model Nuvo 38 available. It is scratched up, but still very servicable. This pic shows the majority of the marks. Comes with one media basket.$75 WP_001618.jpg Photo by mikev_us | Photobucket 7 gallons of reef sand mixed with a little crushed coral. Enough for a deep sand bed in...
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    JBJ nano Cube for sale. $100. Very good condition- no scratches. No light included- open top. Protein skimmer included. 3 stage media basket included. Stand included- good condition. Stand has a removable shelf and vents built in for a chiller to be added. The tank and stand are light...
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    I have a Tunze Nano Wavebox for sale. It's in perfect working condition, I have the original factory packaging and all original accessories. Its good to go up to a 90 gallon tank. I have upgraded to an 8 footer, and have no use for this powerhead. It needs to go!! $125 (810)-280-3602
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    Tunze 6206 nano wavebox $200 Precision Marine KR620 Kalk Reactor $175 Digital Aquatics RKM-PC4 (4 avaliable) $55 Digital Aquatics RKM-MLC Moon Light Controller with 6 blue LED Pods $55 EcoExotic PAR38 NEW $50 Hydor Koralia Evolution 1400 $45 AquaticMedic Twin digital programmable Dosing pumps $200
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    Lots of equipment! Tunze, Korralin, Digital Aquatics etc... Been out of the hobby for a while but I have a ton of good equipment I live just south of the border in Indiana 45min from Kalamazoo. Will ship anything or pickup welcome! I do have this listed on other forums but will keep whats...
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    Hello All, I have this Tunze wavebox that I would like to sell. I am currently using it on my 75g, but have a different wavemaker that I am okay with using instead. It is a nano wavebox and controller- not the Comline model. Asking $200. Andrew 810-288-7678
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    Tunze Nano Wavebox-price drop I have a Tunze Nano Wavebox 6206 for sale. I'd like $225 obo for it. I have the original box, instructions, controller, etc. I'm currently using it on a 48 inch tank. It works perfectly. I just need the money. Text or call if interested. (810)-288-7678
  12. New to the Hobby
    Hey guys. So I'm in the process of getting equipment together to start a 120 gallon. I'm wondering how much water flow I need in my display tank. I'd like to focus on LPS and softies. Right now I have a Mag 9.5 return and a tunze 6091 wavebox for flow. Do I need other circulation pumps in the...
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    Tunze 6206 Nano wavemaker and 75gallon tank Looking to sell my Tunze 6206 Nano wavemaker. Original owner with box. Comes with Tunze 6091 Wavemaker controller. $200. Video of it in action in our old tank, which is also for sale. Untitled on Vimeo **Also selling my old standard size 75gallon...
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    Everything must go Hub module $20 Sw5 module for multiple switches $50 2 Switch adapters kits for the sw5 module brand new for $8 each
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    I am in the prosess of shutting down my tank and want to sell a few things! I have 3 6100.10 tunze pumps in very good condition Just have some algae on them.all come with power cords,magnets and one is set up for higher power output then the other two, all are setup on a 7095 tunze multi...
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    I have a Tunze wavebox 6215 with upgraded controller, no powerhead hoping to get 150$ or best offer. No low balls the controller is worth 80 by it self. Called Tunze, can get a new powerhead for just over 200 dollars. This is a great deal even after the purchase of the powerhead. text for more...
  17. Want to Buy
    I need to break down and re-setup our 120 gallon system and want to update the water movement from our current Tunze wavebox/powerhead setup to controllable Vortex powerheads with the re-setup.
  18. Selling Forums
    I am located in Farmington Hills to start with. I will not be available for pickup of equipment until next Sunday. All equipment will be cleaned and ready to go then. Paypal can be used for deposit to hold equipment. Everything is in working order and great shape. 180 gallon Miracles 3 sided...
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    Selling everything i have off. Im going to give this a little time to sell as a whole before partout. 180 gallon Miracles 3 side starfire, closed loop om-4way and dart. canopy and stand is of great quality (furniture quality) 90 gallon sump 50 gallon rubbermaid fuge Apex lite w/ wxm module and...
1-19 of 325 Results