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  1. Selling Forums
    Trying to get a hold of everyone having issue with reply posts.... THANKS Great responses.... please leave PM or text me 810-836-6492 IM in Flushing MI All ,I need to start tearing down my 120 gallon Reef tank Ive had it up and running since 2011 and hate to get out. I just dont have the time...
  2. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    I got this at the swap from Cherry Corals ( I think). It looks like an scan with fuzzy rims Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Selling Forums
    Making room for a new shipment of coral. 8 polyps of rastas: $50 Punk rockers - 4 polyps $25, 2 polyps $15 COMBO Rock with 5 rastas and 8+ punk rockers: $60 Frag was behind my rocks for a bit, Here is a pic of the mother colony Purple and Teal Blastomoussa Wellsi small colony - $45...
  4. Trading Forums
    Rasta frag with at least 10 polyps (will get actual number tomorrow when lights are on) looking for Lps or other zoas ---------- Post added 03-12-2013 at 08:51 PM ---------- Bump ttt!!!!
  5. Trading Forums
    I have my reef octopus bh-1000 Im looking to trade. I bought it brand new from keys. I still have the box and should have the directions. I only got a couple months of use out of it before I switched to a sump and put an in sump skimmer inside that. Literally less than four months of use. Im...
  6. Trading Forums
    With the price of corals going up and up around me I figured I'd start a real frag swapping thread. I'm looking to trade coral for coral no money involved. Willing to work out a deal for pretty much anything I don't have. Please no ridiculous trades, your one polyp of zoas is not worth a dozen...
  7. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Neon green polyps. Thinking its a gonipora, but I've never seen any in this color, and the polyps don't extend to far.
  8. New to the Hobby
    So I've been reading up today on corals, after a trip to a wonderful LFS store, and planning out my tank after a conversation with a couple of their employees. I'd decided on the Echotech Radions mostly for my lighting for a lot of reasons - it was nice to see one of them in action, even if it...
  9. New to the Hobby
    The past couple days, my wellso hasn't been looking very good. I keep it on the bottom of the tank with med-high lighting. I usually have to pick it up and brush him off every other day or so due to my blue cheek goby :hang3: Looked at him this morning as I was feeding the tank, and this is...
  10. Moby Dick Pet Store
    on weds we receiced... Bicolor Angel Centropyge bicolor CORAL BEAUTY ANGEL Centropyge bispinosus Flame Angel Centropyge loriculus Midnight Angel Centropyge nox Potters Angel Md Centropyge potteri TR Cardinal: Bangaii Lg >1" TR Dotty: Orchid Pseudochromis fridmani Basslet: R. Gramma Gramma loreto...
  11. Softies & LPS
    help me put together a list for the new system. Before I put the sps list together I want to start with the LPS and soft corals. Show me your favorite LPS with a pic preferably. Some nice scoly, plates, donuts, acans, ricordias, etc... So far I have 1. Rainbow streaks acan (favorite coral of...
1-12 of 188 Results