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    Some frags of frags I got that either broke off or I needed less of. Also duplicates, etc. Reasons aside, looking to sell or trade for higher end SPS/Zoa/Paly's. Happy to make a package deal too, just lmk. If you message me, please post on the thread first. The order posted on the thread will...
    $987,654,321 USD
  2. Selling Forums
    "SOLD"Few frags and colonies SOLDHere are a few corals for sale Goblin Fire Zoanthids 9 frags by polyp 1-2 for $10 was $20 3-5 for $20 was $35 6+ for $30 was$50 King Midas zoa's With and without actinics $10 was $25 per frag 4 frags available next WYSIWYG unidentified acropora...
  3. Selling Forums
    Bigger sale of my zoas this time since i'm reducing my livestock by nearly 90% to prepare for a move and an upgrade. I live in allendale (~ten miles west of downtown GR) and i always offer to meet in the downtown area for people who are coming from further east. Try to pick them up here though...
  4. Selling Forums
    Zoanthid Sale! (+ few sps) Rearranging things and decided to frag off and sell some zoas to make some room for new stuff and help repair the damage to the wallet! I've done the best i could at naming them, and a few i could not find names for so i just labeled them with something that gets the...
  5. Reef Discussion
    Calling all zoanthid lovers. Take a look at this site and hurry. http://www.thelogicalreef.com/zooanthids.asp
1-5 of 5 Results