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  1. Selling Forums
    Updated price on large colonies. Can deliver to Lansing swap. Large Purple Monster rock with extra Frozen Armageddon $100 Large Nirvana rock with a few Ice Armageddon's on the back left $100 Mint green candy cane SOLD
  2. Selling Forums
    50 gallon breeder rimless reef set up. 20 long sump, pump, heater, 2x current Tru Lumen LED strips, black box LED, about 40 lbs rock, sand, 50g mix Red Sea pro salt unopened, Red Sea foundation test kit, foundation supplements kit, both I did not use much. Also livestock. 2x Rose bubble tips...
  3. Selling Forums
    Wanting to change up my tank some. Rock with small colony of Xenia $10 Green zoa's 2 head frag $10 don't believe they are named yet. Lol Text for pictures 810-813-3242, Ryan I would trade for mushrooms that I don't have also.
  4. Selling Forums
    Sold!! ----- SOLD ----- all PMs replied So I accidentally broke a major branch off of my red dragon acro, probably about 1/4 to 1/3 of the main colony. The size is roughly 2" x 2" x 2", might be a bit bigger - this is not just a twig. Front right corner of the photo linked. For Sale or Trade...
  5. Trading Forums
    I combined two tanks and have some nice coral I'd like to trade. What I have... -Nice neon yellow/green plate, approx 4" -2 Acan mini colonies with 12-15 heads -A few multi branch (3-4) pink tipped torch frags. *these started out a couple years ago as mixed pink/blue tips, but I had them...
  6. Want to Buy
    I am looking for some nice zoa and paly frags preferably on the cheaper side does not have to be crazy named zoa's or palys but I am open to anything shoot me a text with pics and prices and location I would prefer someone local but will have them shipped if reasonable 586 230 4148 Chris
  7. Want to Buy
    I am looking to rebuild my zoa and play collection. I'm looking for all sort ranging from Mohawks, nuclear green, purple death to utter choas, blue rhino, space monster to hornets, rainbow raptors, gold dust...... You get the point. Lmk what you have to sale Thanks fellow reefers Nemo
  8. Members Tanks
    Welp after being out of the game for 2 years I'm getting back in the hobby. Picked up a 34g AIO thats from great lakes aquariums. Gonna go in my room on my dresser. Nothing setup yet, doing the whole aquire parts first. -Weekly water changes will be a must. Along with LR rubble in the back...
  9. Trading Forums
    I have a hand full of Sps and a few lps I can frag I'm looking for zoa's or really just about any coral I don't already have
  10. Selling Forums
    Mohawks / Chong Bongs Morph - ALMOST SOLD OUT I have had a colony of these for awhile now and decided to frag them, they were sold to me as Mohawk / Chong Bongs Morph. Pictures were taken last night with a Note 4 under a Kessil A150w I am looking to sell or trade for Rastas, Gobstoppers, &...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Hello, So I have lived in Grad Traverse county for the past 20 years, and have been In the salt water hobby for just over two years. I know a few people from the area and the one thing we don't have up here is an reffing club, the closest one would be in Grand rapids. I was thinking it would...
  12. Selling Forums
    $50.-PENDING to Ugly_clown Please p.m. if interested. Thanks, Mike
  13. Selling Forums
    5-6 inch diameter, about 2-3 inches tall. mint green color under my T5 lighting. $30. PM or call/text 616-502-7984. maybe willing to trade for zoa's
  14. Selling Forums
    huge and bright red RBTA. 10-12 inches across. $60. PM or text 616-502-7984. maybe willing to trade for zoa's
  15. Water Chemistry
    I just finally got my mag test kit in and did the tests.. I have B-ionic 2 part and magnesium additives and I was wondering where do I start to get my levels under control? I plan on doing a complete test tomorrow for all test.
  16. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    OK i have an issue with Vermetid snails. I lost a colony of Zoas and couldnt figure out why. but just realized it was the Vermetid snails that covered them with the mucus they secrete to catch their food. They are the lil red/brown tubes growing all over the rock. I have heard super glue...
  17. Selling Forums
    I have a couple of Zoa's for sale WYSIWYG. Sunny D's $40 SOLD, Rastas $40 SOLD, Lunars, $10 and I have a 2 inch frag of Rainbow monti $10 SOLD and a frag of Pink lemonade $15 Pending I can try to get pictures of those if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking. Everything pending final pick...
  18. Selling Forums
    CAR, Rasta, etc - ORDER YOU FRAG PACK Z's, P's, Softies in ONE pack! Ok guys looks like colonies don't sell as good as they use to so I'm going to sell them as Frag packs. High quality Zoa's, Paly's, SPS all in Starter Frag Pack! order now! I will also have Tyree Toadstool Frags...
  19. Trading Forums
    got a few frags i'm looking to trade... frag for frag mostly but who knows if you have something else i may be open to it. Bought these frags from someone else, so i'm not sure on the names. Yellow rock polyps: green zoas... they glow yellow. kenya tree: tubbs blues... 3 frags, some have...
1-19 of 89 Results