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$10/$20 Flash sale; Nice frags cheap; Porch pick up

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I have a limited number (#) of classics and some hard to find corals. Selling for CHEAP!!! PayPal only. Porch pick up. Will place them out when you are 5 minutes away. I'm in Plymouth near Sheldon and Ann Arbor Rd. Frags can be fresh cut or mounted and will be listed as such. Let's not dance... buy or don't buy. Call/text me if you want to buy. 81zero-87five-0001. I try to update weekly or more.

LAST UPDATE 8-May (9:00pm)

Current availability:

ORA Pearlberry $20 (1), $10 (3) on plugs

Forest fire digi $10 (4) on plugs

Tubbs lavender branching monti (3) $10 on plugs

JF Slow burn monti $10 (2)

Yellow porites $10 (3) on plugs

Purple rain acro (tabling) - $20 for large frag. Not mounted.
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Texted you.
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