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100 Gallon Reef tank, ADHI sump, etc

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100 gallon glass reef aquarium(48"long x 24" wide x 20" high) with a center overflow comes with an oak stand and canopy, which were refinished black, overall good shape, a couple minor scratches on the glass, nothing real noticeable however. Has two returns and also a black back. Lots of extras also, bulkheads, check valve, etc. - $300
ADHI sump- refugium 30"long by 14"wide by 18" high, has been drilled out for an external pump and also for a Kent Marine auto top off float (hooks to your RO unit), however I could cover these holes if needed, also no light comes with it, originally was $350.00, will sell for $100.00
Blue Line 40HDX External Pump, approximately 2 years old, replaced the impeller one month ago. $75.00
PM me or text me at 989-302-3351 and I will text pictures.
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Tank, stand and canopy all sold.
Refugium and pump still for sale. will sell the fuge for $75.00 and the pump for $50.00

Refugium is about 2 years old, pump is about one year old with a new impeller.

ADHI Refugium 30 Refugium Sump by Aquatic Design Habitats - AquaCave.com
Blueline 40 HD-X External Aquarium Water Pump by Pan World - AquaCave.com
Blueline pump and ADHI refugium still available

Lots of interest, however pump and fuge still available.

Sent you PM a few days ago on pump. Let me know.

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