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Baby coming in May, moving in July, getting out...for now.
I've already let go most of the livestock, but none of the hardgoods, I'm getting rid of everything, here is most of what you would get:

110 great lakes aquarium, tank, stand and hood - 3 years old, perfect shape, drilled.
30 gallon sump, not drilled
50 gallon fuge, side drilled
50 gallon frag tank, side drilled
2 ice cap 660's, 2 other t5 ballasts a 65 watt pc, bulbs, many end caps, wiring harness etc
Asm g3 skimmer
Geo Kalk reactor
Knop c calcium reactor, co2 tank, regulator, controller
2 korilia pumps
50 gallon food grade barrel
5 stage ro/di
Auto top off set up
A bunch of salt, additives, tests, books, misc
200lbs live rock, almost all with some sort of coral on it
A pair of black and white clowns
A 5 inch clam
Bowling ball sized hammer coral

I would like to try to move this all together for only a $1000. There is everything you could ever need and more, there is more not listed, I just tried to get the big stuff.
No part out offers yet please.
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how much for the hammer an would you like to sell some rock plz call 517 610 1776
compelte setup

PM sent, I would like the whole setup!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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