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110 Flat Back Hexagon Acrylic Tank W/ Custom Hardwood Stand
Stand is stained with Providence stain. Stand building materials is worth over $1,500. Stand does not have doors on front.
1 overflow
Closed top tank with acrylic doors
No major scratches- few minor scratches that can very easily be buffed out around the sand bed area
The brace across the top of the tank had a small crack due to the lighting I was using. The crack has been patched with a quarter inch piece of acrylic with the chemical that bonds acrylic. I never had any issues. The pictures include a picture timestamped with the tank full of water. This is a very minor area. You do not even see it if you are using a canopy. I switched to LED lighting and did not use a canopy and you don't notice it. Just want to disclose the only negative of the tank.
If interested, will fill tank upon request.
Base aragonite included.

The only reason I am selling it due to recent power outage. I lost everything in my tank. I will clean before pick up.

Price for tank and stand: $500- firm on price

I am pretty much selling the tank and giving you the stand. Will not separate.

Please message me if you need additional information or have any questions.


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