Selling my 120 gallon complete setup.
Saltwater. Very well established. Been running for 3 years. No leaks. No issues.

Aqueon brand.
Dual overflows.
Glass lids .
Lots of Live rock and sand.
All fish and corals.
Acrylic sump.
Current brand lighting and pump.
2 heaters. 2 power heads.
Bio balls. Filter floss.
Too many extras to list.
Asking 650 or best offer.

1 yellow belly blue tang.
1 chocolate chip sea star.
1 pink dot watchman gobby.
1 burgundy clown. (Very rare )
2 cleaner shrimp.
1 peppermint shrimp.
1 blue head wrasse.

Stand is un finished. Tank is on main floor.
You must move.
Lots of room to move in and out. No a long walk. Bring help. I cannot help.

Feel free to text if easier. 734-626-6430