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120 GLA Tank Shut Down- Reduced

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Shutting Down- Set up for a basement Sump, Package deal available, PM me your requests. Motivated.

120 G GLA Tank 18X26X60 No scratches, drilled Starfire glass on front panel
Stand and Canopy furniture grade, gunstock color TANK/STAND/CANOPY $400
50g Sump 3 chamber, drilled for external pump $30

Blueline HD-40 External pump $65 SOLD

4- 7" filter socks with holder $20
2-Ice Cap 660 wiring harness'-$5 each
5 pairs of T-5 end caps $5 per pair
1- Galaxy Hydro LED lights, 2 dimmers per light $40 each
Two Little Fishes Phosban reactor ( like new in box) $20
2-Hydro 1400 wave makers $30 each
JBJ Auto Top Off $30

3-Neon candy cane LPS 4-5 heads $15 each
Pagoda coral 8X5" oval shape $40
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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