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120G 4x2x2, ATI Powercone, RK, ATO, RODI, Jebao's, 2 part, etc

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I am tearing down my 120G set up. I'm moving and I don't want to move the tank so it has to go. Most of the items where purchased new not even 1 year ago. I am having issues with my computer at the moment and I cant seem to get my pictures on here, so for now text me if you would like pictures. Text will be the best way to get ahold of me. 248-797-4809 Shawn

120G 4x2x2 GLA with center overflow, custom built furniture quality hardwood stand, really nice! $300

36x24x12 GLA tank, used as a sump $100

75 - 100 lbs of live rock, probably closer to 100 lbs. if you buy it all you can have all of the live sand as well. $150

ATI Power Cone 200is skimmer. Absolutely awesome skimmer, better than my bubble king. has variable speed DC pump with digital display for CFM. $350

2 Jebao WP40's SOLD

Reef Fanatic ATO with pump and sensors $40

Reef Keeper Lite with SL1 module, power bar, Lab quality PH and temp porbes. $125

BRS 2 part dosing system, comes with everything pumps, jugs, chemicals, on used it for a few months, practically still new. SOLD

RO system with BRS DI final stage. Unit is capable of making 1000G per day! $75

Hanna calcium and alk checkers only used about 5 times. SOLD

Like I said before text me with questions or pictures. I will try to get some loaded when my computer stops fighting me.

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posted some pics of the tank. Willing to negotiate if you are looking at a few items. I have a lot more "misc" stuff that I didn't want to spend the time to list.
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