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120G Light openings??

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I have a clarity pluss 120g hex flat back that is 60x18x24. The issue Im seaking is the light openings on top are 21x9, wich there are 2 and they are more toward the front then in the middle.They are 3" from the front and 6" from the back. The BIG problem is the top of the tank is black. I would like to know if it would be possible to cut some of the opening to make it bigger without major broblems? Right now I have a 48" 4 bulb t5 on it with no problems but would like to upgrade to hanging led units. I did inclose a pic of the top so get an idea what Im talking about. Any help would be awsome!


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Kessil or AJM would be a good LED set up to go with to easily hang. AJM is more affordable. There are a lot of users on here who have bought them, including myself. I love mine. No problems at all.

So do you think if I went with the AJM's I would not need optics since I have a black acrylic top and the light will not penatrate through it. I would prolly have to keep them some what close to the top?
with the holes you have in the very back I would say making the other holes bigger would be a bad idea. You may want to contact the manufacturer, and find a way to beef up the top so you can open your top up more.

on another note, moving your light forward, and angled to the back may work with 90 degree optics. I'm not an expert just what I would try.

I think no optics close to water would limit penetration.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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