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Looking to sell my complete setup 125 Gallon with livestock

125 gallon dual over flow
Ruby red trigger sump
Reef octopus diablo skimmer
2 MP40QD
SICCE return pump
2 jebao Nero 5 knock off pumps
2 32” SBreef lights (about 9 months)
Also a couple of those rocks that stick to the side of the tank and hold frags

Yellow tang
Tomini tang
Pair of clowns
Solar fairy wrasse
4 line wrasse
Female Bellus Angel
2 Cleaner Shrimp
Red Serpent Star

4 flower nems
Pretty big weeping willow toadstool
Rock with a bunch of utter chaos/sunny D’s/vampire palys
Nice chunk of birds of parodies
Blasto Frag
Along with a few other frags


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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