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130 Gal Complete with livestock

This system is complete, and I will NOT be parting it out (don't ask, not gonna happen). I'm traveling again for work and I cannot do my critters justice. I trusted someone to watch the tank, and we all know how that turns out. Lost many really nice corals.

$800.00 firm, you take down. First with cash to the door gets it. I will not hold.
I'm not doing a tear down because I want to. I just cant devote the time I need to my critters. Unfair to them.

If you are serious, send a text for pictures and vid to 248-259- one four nine five.

Tank and hardware:

130 gal, with stand and canopy.
Vertex Omega 150 skimmer with scicce pump
Aquatic Life 6 bulb light
Elemental 1/10 chiller
Digital Aquatics controller
50 Gal Sump
2 Jeabo RW 15 powerheads
Rapid LED stunner bar
Hanna Calcium Checker
Hanna Phosphate Checker
Hanna Alkalinity Checker
Red Sea Mag test Kit
Red Sea Nitrate test Kit
4 stage ro/di
BRS Frag kit
assorted odds and ends
Glassholes overflow


Purple Tang
CB butterfly
Mystery Wrasse
Flame Hawk
Bi Color Angel
Orbit Batfish
Garden eels
Potters angel
Snowflake eel
Sunburst Fathead

The tank has a moderate amount of coraline. The livestock are very healthy.
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