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130 Setup

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Good evening everyone. Just wanted to show some pics of my set up after transferring from a 75 Acrylic hex tank that was well over grown with frogspawn,hammers, RTBA. Bought a few new fish. Naso tang and the purple tang are 3 months strong. They are all pigs eat very well no issues. I would say the purple tang is the bully of the tank. Not really picking on anyone just pushes his way through the tank. Anyways spec.
130 gallon dual corner over flows
55 gallon bashsea refugium/sump
1300 waterblaster return pump
Super Reef octopus 2000 int skimmer
2 AI hydra hd 26 LED
Apex fusion elite setup for controller
1 mp 40

That's it for now. Everything is doing great and now with more room my wife of 20yrs has been pushing for more frags and more goodies. I'm thankful for her being on my side with this hobby. Lol


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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