Items are picked up around the 275/94 intersect area
Cash or PP
Bashsea red 10g ATO tank new never used $120
2 Marineland internal canister filters w/extra filter new never used $50ea
2 Fluval FX6 w/extra filters in great shape, very light use and has only seen freshwater no salt $250ea
Python gravel vac,with siphon starter, 2 large hoses, total is about 45' & connectors in new shape $60
2 Lifegard AF94-19 mechanical filter modules with filters and Iwaki MD70RLT pump $40 for all
2 48'-54" coralife lights new shape rarely used $60ea
2 Current USA 36-48" IC lights new in box $70ea
4 Aqueon 1250gph 1 used 3 new in box $40 for all four
Fluval 104 canister filter in new shape $20
Aqueon 130g glass tank 48x24x26 $300
I purchased this new and is a freshwater tank and has never seen salt
Tank is rimmed and not drilled
Tank has never been dry and has had water in it since day one and will have water in it until purchased.
Have 2 two sided backgrounds with it and about 6gallons of Caribsea Black Zach sand.
It's sitting on a 30" tall primitive stand you can have too
A Coralife CF light too