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After thinking things over, I decided to keep my 29g Coralife Biocube and sell my new 14g Coralife Biocube (less then 5 months old). I installed two leds. First is a Ecoxotic Panorama Pro 2.0 16W (12,000K/445nm Blue LED Module) and the second is a Ecoxotic Panorama Pro 2.0 16W 445nm Blue LED module. The modules are connected to a single 72w 24V transformer using a 3-way splitter.
It also comes with a Coralife BioCube Mini U.V. Sterilizer - 5W and Hydor Theo 100w heater. I will throw in about 10-15lbs of live rock, a rbta or rainbow bta or pair of clowns.
Asking $450 OBO
Whites and Blues both on (below)

Blues only turned up to max (below)

Blues only dimmed all the way down (below)


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