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Premium Aquatics is back at it again this weekend with all of your goodies for Valentine's Day Weekend!* Treat your tank to something special like the Chocolate tang, the eye candy like Longspine Cardinals, or the uncommon Green-sided Jawfish.* We have a great list of aquatic friends that came in this week.* A fresh batch of copepods were brought in that already have eggs in the bottles, so this is a great time to restock your pod pop!**

Stop in tomorrow 2/15/2020 from 12pm to 3pm to enjoy our V Day offerings...with some great specials all around!* Plenty of savings to buy your special someone some eye candy!!*

Longspine Cardinals - Great Schooling fish!
Copperband Butterfly*
Lemon Tang
Powder Brown
Chocolate Tang - Great Valentines Day gift for your tank!
Midas Blennies
Scissortail and Zebra Gobies
Hector's Shrimp Goby
Orange Spotted Goby
Greensided Jawfish*
Blue Throat Trigger
Filamented Flasher Wrasse
Blue and Red Wrasse
Koran Angel

Cleaner Shrimp
Saron Shrimp
Blue and Red Tuxedo Urchins
Red Pincushion
Saron Shrimp
Green Saron Shrimp
Gold Coral Banded Shrimp
Orange Ridged Starfish
Sand sifting Starfish
Peppermint Shrimp - just a few left!**
Clean up crew restocked!!**

Specials this Saturday
$5 Small Green Chromis
$10 Red Firefish

10% off on ALL coral purchases over $40!!* (plus a livestock loyalty punch over $25)
(specials other than 10% off do not qualify for total towards Livestock Loyalty Punch)

Coral Candy
We have some deals on corals this weekend with 10% off on $40 or more spent on coral.* We have some great chalices, euphyllia, elegance corals, feather dusters and more.* Stop in to check out what we have going on tomorrow!

Deals and Steals
Check out the link below for some really great ways to save.* If you are visiting the shop this weekend, always make sure to browse the rack at the entrance for additional ways to keep some green in your wallet!!**

Click HERE for price and availability list.*
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