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I had this set up for 8 months then I had to go to China for a couple years. I got back now I am moving to Florida so I GIVE UP! Anyway, I want to blow out every thing I have to do with this set up down to spare plumbing parts, left over supplies, everything!!

Call Mike at 616-328-4650

$850 you come and get everything, I don't want to sell separate, so please wait to ask :)

150 gallon Glass Cages (5x2x2) with Low Iron front glass, center overflow, drilled in the overflow.
Stand and hood. Doors still need painting
Sump with frag area, set up for reactors or trays, what ever you want to use for bio/carbon/etc.

Tunze Osmolator with water tank (5017)
Tunze 6100 Power Heads - 2 Each
Tunze 5080 Magnet Mounts - 2 Each
Blueline Main Pump Velocity T3
SWC 250a Skimmer with Askoll Pump (Beast)
2 Lumiarc Stealth 250W HQI (double ended lamp base) Metal Halide Pendant Lights
1 Blue Wave 7 Dual HQI 250W Metal Halide Ballast
1 150W MH Pendant for Frag area with electronic ballast
1 250W MH Pendant (Not sure brand, but great shape with HQI bulb), not sure if ballast is there or not.
Several HQI Bulbs (most 4-5 months use (different brands, trying colors the most part)
Sieo 1000 Power Head with magnetic mount
Powerheads - 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small
Quiet One 1200 Pump
Theo 400 Watt Heater
2 small magnetic mount frag trays
Vertex Salinety
Hammerhead Magnet glass cleaner
100 gallon stock tank (tractor supply type)
Box of misc test kits
Couple of nets and algae scrapers
Left over Bulk Reef supplies (Carbon, Soda Ash, alk, etc)
Light timers (high current for the Bluewave Ballest)
Tote full of extra fittings, tubing, etc.
Older immersion type chiller - works fine, just the cooling coil is cumbersome
10 gallon tank and some minimal stuff for that.

Also, $100 for the following tank

110 Clarity Flatback Plexiglass tank with hood and stand. This has been covered up, but perfectly good tank.
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