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150w watt Metal Halide pods and wavemakers

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150w watt Metal Halide pods

Looking the sell the following:
Two 150 watt metal halide sunpod fixtures. Tested and working. Includes a haning cable for one and a chain for the other. Both bulbs likely need to be replaced but do work. I think one is a 10K and the other is 14K.
Both pods need a little love.

I'm looking to get $65 for each of them

Wavemakers are sold and gone.
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Bump to the top. I need to buy new glasses so this stuff has to go.
Bumpity. Taking reasonable offers. All this equipment has a lot of life left in it.
Wavemakers are sold. Still looking for offers for the metal halides.
Updated contents, lowered price on both lights
Bump to the top, still looking for a buyer. Open to trades.
Still available, still open to trades. I like non-photo and LPS corals, looking for dendro specifically. I mostly want these lights out of my house.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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