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SOLD ------155g Bowfront Drilled complete setup

I am posting for my friend so I will provide what details I have

-Tank is in very good condition with minimal scratching & Dual factory drilled overflows
-Factory stand was replaced with custom hardwood stand build by professional cabinet carpenter ( Looks absolutely beautiful!)
-Led Lighting (Current USA I believe)
-Reef octupus protein skimmer
-Mag return pumps
-GFO reactor
-RODI set-up with auto top off
-A pile of assorted other equipment(heaters, seas fans, chemicals ....)

I live in Windsor and plan on attending the swap meet in Ann Arbor tomorrow. If you are seriously interested I can deliver there or to a nearby home(Drive way). The system is currently running but he will not be including any fish/coral/ rock or sand. Don't waste either of our times with low ball offers as if you are in the hobby you know the price is more than fair. $575 obo


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