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175w MH - Ballast, mogul, reflector

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Older CSL magnetic ballast with quick disconnect, spider reflector thats been trimmed down in length a bit. (Can post pics on request.. - Just need to dig it out of the basement..)

Make serious offer.

Bear in mind I had to downgrade to a couple/few nanos and don't have the lighting for SPS yet.

I'm always on the hunt for hot looking zoa frags btw.. ;)
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I'm still kinda getting my nanos going after a move last weekend..

Already killed a xenia frag in less than 24hrs and a frogspawn frag from yesterday isn't looking too hot right now either. (Zoas are looking great tho, go figure!)

Might still be interested, but you'd have to give me a couple weeks to get things re-stabilized.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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