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18 cpr aquafuge and custom non hot refugeum

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i have an aquafuge for sale. tried once before and the person backed out.
asking 50. its been converted to use maxi-jets instead of rio's.

also have a light fixture for it if you want that as well. asking 50 for that as well (may be a bit high but i like the fixture ) )

also also wik...
i have a custom lifereef sump that would work well on a cube tank. its 23x5x~12. drilled with two bulkheads to connect to a sump.
its really well made as all lifereef stuff is. asking 85.

while im selling stuff. i have a 17" crt viewsonic monitor. 50 OBO

new (openbox) microsoft bluetooth keyboard and mouse. 75.

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Hi john,

im interested in the aquafuge...do you have any pics? which model is it? Please send info to [email protected] Thanks!

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