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180 gallon "project"

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I want to see if there is anyone out there who has a complete set up 90 gallon or smaller that would be interested in trading for a 180 gallon with stand and canopy and 6ft led. The 180 I have is drilled for a c2c overflow but still needs that part built. The stand is in need of some new doors. The paint on the back needs to be removed and repainted

Its is up and running right now, I can inc the 100 gallon rubber maid tub and mag 18 with it. I'm really looking for complete setup

Im just not going to ever be able to stock a 180 and would rather get something I can enjoy

Will need to bring help to remove the tank as I cant help

I'm looking for a drilled tank that's at least 18" frt to back

I would like to get a 36x18 65 gallon or a 90 gallon

I don't need a stand and canopy if its a 36x18 footprint

I'm going to be redoing the living room in a few weeks new floors and drywall, so Im not looking for any live stock, just drygoods right now

If I can find a tank stand canopy and lights I will be happy, as I can get the rest as Im ready

Since I have to put a cash price lets say $500 for the the tank, stand canopy led light, rubbermaid tub and mag 18

I'm In Clinton township Hall rd and Romeo plank area

You will need to bring help to remove from the house, I cant help


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its up and running right now.

Really looking to trade for a reef ready tank thats smaller like a 75 or 90
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