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I'm gauging interest in my 180 gallon setup. In no way is this a hardship sell. I love my hobby, but I just don't have the time to properly maintain it anymore. I am willing help someone tear it down. I AM NOT PARTING THIS OUT. I will keep take a day off work and deep clean/maintenance it before I do that. Asking $1800.

180 Gallon Acrylic Tank
Genesis Reef Systems Pro Automatic Water Changer - Renew
Genesis Reef Systems Pro Auto Top off - Storm
Neptune Systems Aquacontroller w/3 EB8's
3 - AI Sol Blue LED Lights w/controller
2 bulb DIY T5 light setup
2 MP40 Pumps - Brand new wet sides less than 2 mths old.
50 Gallon Tall salt water drum w/Pan World NH-50px mixing pump
Super Reef Octopus RO-RPS-5000EXT Protein Skimmer W/Feed and Recirc pumps (Bubble Blaster HY-5000S)
Return Pump
Reef Octopus BioPellet Reactor
Emperor Aquatics 40w UV Sterilizer
2 Two Little Fishies Reactors
150 Gallon Refugium
2 BRS Media Reactors
2 BRS 1.1 mL dosing pumps
RO/DI Filter w/extra filters
Magnavore Magnet Cleaner

Purple Tang
Sailfin Tang
Blue Hippo Tang
Pink Skunk clown
Sixline wrasse
300 Lbs of live rock

Red Goniopora
Hollywood Stunner
Elegance Coral
Large Orange Acan
Green/purple mushroom rock
LG green hairy Mushrooms
Rasta zoas (Tons)
Purple death Palys
Green Palys (Tons)
2 LG Rose Bubble Tip Anemones
Fire & Ice Zoas (Tons)
Green Star Polyps
Whammin Watermelon Zoas
Gorilla Nipple Zoas
Green Frogspwan
Green Hammer Coral (40-50 heads)
Green Candy Cane (30-40 Heads)
Ring of Fire Rhodactis (Tons)
Orange Mushrooms (Tons)

Will add a photobucket link to pics shortly
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