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Price adjust to 1000$ 12/17/2014

please no PMs. just text at 616-295-1187

getting out.
will not part out unless fish sell separately first.

please do not ask about parting out

180 gallon 6 foot tank. bought in February. tank is in the wall so no stand. the lights are leds built from rapidled.com. the sump is a sectioned off 55 gallon with an 8" reef octopus skimmer... a big one. not sure which one it is but it was the one around the 300$ range. comes with about 50 lbs of rock and around 250 lbs of sand. the fish are all healthy and are

blue hippo tang....3 1/2 inches
desjardini tang.....3 1/2 inches
pair of clowns hosting a small rose anemone
six line wrasse.....small
2 bartlet anthias
a blue chromis

also has a jebao wp40

dual overflows. no leaks all is great condition ..the tank is just dirty. tank can come with 2 55gallon barrels and a 3 stage reverse osmosis unit. pics upon request.

616-295-1187 (text)

price is 1000$ firm for everything. you haul it away as well.. it is extremely heavy. glass

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there are about 50 leds and a moon light strip.. each color of lights is on a separate dimmer controller as well
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