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180 In Wall Update

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Well I finally got everone moved from the 55 to the 180. New pics on my website. I am not quite sure I am happy with the lighting. Hmmmm. Must think about this one.

http://www.reeftanker.com/In wall 180.htm
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fan's for non canopy enclosed lighting?

What's people's opinion?
Is a fan necessary for an in-wall setup like this. where the lights are hanging well above the tank, not enclosed in a canopy.

Not criticising, Jim... I'm genuinely curious.
I know Metal Halides get REAL hot, but in an open air set up like this, what type of ventilation do people think is best?

Jim's is built in pointing down at the water.
would an external cross ventilation work? Or not enough?

Most of the ventalation I've seen discussed is for canopy set ups, but I'd eventually like to do a wall tank like this in my basement family room. Any good reference material on this type set-up?

BTW - Awsome set-up... good luck!!
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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