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180 In Wall Update

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Well I finally got everone moved from the 55 to the 180. New pics on my website. I am not quite sure I am happy with the lighting. Hmmmm. Must think about this one.

http://www.reeftanker.com/In wall 180.htm
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Jimmy: take care to shake up that bottle of AragaMilk really well.

I bought a new bottle when I first started my tank. I've used it pretty consistently and shake each and every time. However, it is now almost 1/4 of the bottle left, but there is a HUGE clump/blob of it at the bottom of the bottle. No amount of shaking seems to dissolve the clump. So I guess it's dead?

I have the super big jar of seachem calcium now that I will go through.

But if I get around to using the Aragamilk product again, I'd buy the AragaMite instead. It's the dry powder form. No clumping and you don't pay for the water they premix for you.

Also, a note on your pictures....

What camera are you using? Check out the WHITE BALANCE settings and see if you can manually change those. Put the camera on each white balance option and take the same picture. You'll be able to compare which setting is better when the blues are running. Photoshop probably won't clean that up much unless you REALLY know what you are doing.

About the most I ever do is hit the "automatic" levels, tint or contrast buttons ;)
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