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180 In Wall Update

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Well I finally got everone moved from the 55 to the 180. New pics on my website. I am not quite sure I am happy with the lighting. Hmmmm. Must think about this one.

http://www.reeftanker.com/In wall 180.htm
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The sump is a old 75 gallon no one wanted because it has the cherry fake wood band around the top. I figured who cares!
Well for now I am using AgraMilk and lime water drip at night. Been pretty good so far at a steady 400ppm. My ideal source would be the CA Reactor but this whole project put a $ strain on the old wallet. The lighting is my next thinker not quite sure if it's to much or just to much 20k. Going to be doing som thinking on that one. Maybe should have went VHO or T5 with MH? Who knows you can probally always find something you wish you did better.
Thanks everyone for your commnts. It was alot of work to get this all set up but it was worth it!
Skyler I am using a Kodak DX4530 5mp camera. I will try and mess with the stiings today and see what I can come up with.
One other thing I added black felt around the space between the tank top and canopy bottom so the rest of the basement wouldent be all blue. The fans help alot with the felt up. Without the felt I guess I was more tring to be safe than sorry. I would probally next time put a bathroom vent fan with dryer duct work away from the canopy those computer fans are a little nosy.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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