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I'm finally selling my baby.

6x2x2, 180g, Starfire on 3 sides, Eurobraced glass aquarium (made to my specs by Miracles Aquarium in Canada)
Bulkheads (10) , closed loop pipes, closed loop true union ball valves (5), Durso standpipes
I wanted closed loop to create a supporting structure for LR and current from the inside-out

Cabinet and canopy in maple wood, custom made to my specifications by a local woodworker. Canopy opens on top with piano hinges and in the front for easy access.
-Tek T5 retro light 4X 39w (incl bulbs)
-Current USA Moonlight white 2x plus 1 spare
And you have room to attach 3x HQI or LED pendants

Cabinet+canopy+tank for $1000!!

Also foor close loop I have
-Reeflo DART external pump - $160
-Oceans Motions 4-way - $130

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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