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2 Small Tanks, 2 U Tubes for water movement

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So I'm looking to set up a tank at work. Unfortunately due to restrictions, I can't really use any electricity. Someone mentioned that if I use two U tubes one drawing water from one and the other drawing water from the other, that this would create water movement without electricity. The only other thing to consider is temp. I wanted to look at temperate species that could handle room temp water (pretty consistent around 70 here). I was thinking about the Catalina Goby, but don't really want 2 Catalina Gobies. I also thought about dwarf seahorses, but I understand that they are a tropical species? For some reason I thought that most seahorses prefer colder water, but I guess they are the exception? If I did the seahorses, I could actually use the second tank as a pod population builder and just fill it with rock and macro algae. Then the only thing I'd have to do would be to protect the seahorses from getting sucked into the other tank, maybe a small sponge filter on the U tube? Would typical office fluorescent lights work for growing most macro algaes? They'd be on the ceiling above the tank of course. Just looking for some ideas and direction on this idea. Thanks!
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I think it's just about impossible to have a zero impact tank, but I think if it was a small enough tank, you could keep it very minimal. There are many powerheads that only use a few watts - the Hydor Koralia Nano for example only uses about 4 watts. You could put a small LED light over the tank that won't use much power - this one only uses 12 watts. The only thing that will really draw much power will be your heater, but they do make them as small as 20-25 watts for tanks that are around 5-6 gallons.

You won't be able to do it with zero electric, but 30-40 watts won't even be noticed by your company - that's the equivalent of 1 fluorescent tube out of the hundreds that they probably run. It will likely even be less because the heater shouldn't need to run 24/7. And if they are too worried about it, tell them you can pay them the roughly $3.50 a month that it will cost to run it. :sarcastic:
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