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***Items no longer available***

I was going to go with a sump, but my wife didn't want me cutting a hole in the good cabinet for it.

So I have a 2 week old 600GPH overflow that I'll sell for $25:
The overflow is very quiet and will not break siphon during a power outage. I'll include the stock black sump tube and about 7 feet of 1.25" spa flex tubing for longer runs (along with a few elbows).

Also have a 2 week old (run just a few days) Ocean Runner 2500 return pump that I'll sell for $40:
http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Produ...lpartial&Ntk=All&N=2004&Ntt=ocean runner&Np=1
The pump is virtually silent and very strong. Can be used with flex tubing.

I also have a 2 week old 15 gallon glass aquarium I was going to use for the sump. I have 4 plexiglass dividers cut for bubble trap(3) and fuge divider(1). I was going to use this method to attach them:
I had it running a few days, but found I used incorrect EDPM foam (door seal vs. outdoor/Marine) and the adhesive wasn't very strong...it worked fine, but one slipped a little. I'll sell the tank and plexiglass dividers/baffles for $25.

I'm in Grand Rapids, so local pickup would be ideal, but I could ship at buyers expense. Wouldn't be worth it to ship the sump, however.

I have good feedback here, and a spotless ebay record (rjkrejci).

Rick Krejci
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