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AS OF 1/18 BACK up for sale!!!
20 gallon sump/fuge w/ light-I bought this from another reefer.. and drove over 400 miles there and back to figure out that it does not fit.. I would like 35 bucks for it. Yes more than what I paid but the gas cost me over 40 itself. I did get a few other things though but primarily wanted the sump/fuge for the drive. Trying to get some of that and my 5 hrs of time back for the pickup plus I bought 2 different algaes at 3.99 a pc for it grape culpera and another micro some rubble too.

Rio 10HP pump with less than a week worth of running on and off to keep the micro/pods worms alive. I would like 25.00
Overflow U-tube 600 gph and you can have all the plumbing for free... nothing great but it works just doesnt fit my stand is short.25.00
Rena heater for up to 75 gallons 10.00
10 gallon aga not drilled no baffles etc 8.00
none of the tanks have ever had copper in them.
Orange spotted shrimp goby 15.00 about 3 inches this is not a picture of him but gives you an idea what he looks like.

Pearlscale Butterfly fish about 4 inches my kole wont leave this alone... I feel bad if I were to keep her under this torment. This is not a pic but gives you an idea I would like 20.00 for it.

I also have a beautiful 8 line wrasse for only 20.00
I am driving out to lansing area next week would be willing to deliver for a frag. Katherine
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