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Here is a meeting schedule for 2008. There might some minor changes but this is the plan for the next year. We are hoping to get a few speakers in throughout the year as well.

February 9th. -Cranbrook, Video tank tours. 15% off sale at Tropicorium from 6-close.

March 15th -Midwest Marine Conference - Weber's Inn Ann Arbor MI.

April 12th -Cranbrook, Tal Sweet. presentation of his trip to Hawaii.

May 10th -Meeting at Chad Pennys House. Rock Making workshop

June 14th -BBQ at Adams Hopkins house and or IMAC review

July TBA

August 23rd or 24th -Monster frag swap

September 13th -MACNA review

October 11th -Food workshop

November 8th -Coral Frag Demo

December 13th -Christmas Party
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