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FS: 225 gal. Clarity plus, stand, Canopy

I am looking to downsize to a 120. But before I can do that I have to see if I can sell this monster. This is tank, stand and canopy only. I will through in an acrylic polishing kit (3m for orbital sander) and what ever rock I don't use for the new tank. It will be over 100 pounds.


Acrylic tank by Clarity Plus
Length 72" height 30" depth 24"
Custom built in overflow with 2 1" drains

Stand 31" high

Canopy 20" high

Glass sump 48" long 13" deep 18 high

the over height of the tank stand and canopy is 80"

The tank has a few scratches (not gouges). It can be easily buffed out with the acrylic polishing kit. The tank and stand are in pretty good shap.

In order to make the move I will have to set up the new tank first.

Anyway how does $750 sound?
I am located in Livonia, MI

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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