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24" 4 Bulb Tek T5 Fixture w/ 4 New Bulbs!

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Up for sale is a used 24" 4 Bulb Tek fixture. The 4 bulbs in it are 5 month old ATIs
(2 blue plus / 1 coral plus / 1 aqua blue special). I also have 4 brand new ATI bulbs (same type as those listed above) still in the box as replacements when needed. The fixture is in fair condition and I bought it from Jim C about a year ago. I does not include a hanging kit, but i can hook u up with the homemade hanging system i designed. I am asking $175 for all the above. Please text Jeff 586-201-7316. This would be great for anyone with a frag tank or a smaller display (24" to 36" long). Thanks for looking!
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Accepting offers....:moil:
Price drop $150 for all including 4 new bulbs!!! :shout:
Bump for a good fixture
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